Property experts share the five ‘best’ methods to boost kerb appeal

The UK property market has slowed down in some areas of the country with sellers finding it’s taking them longer to sell their homes.

Some sellers are also having to reduce the asking prices of their properties in order to attract buyers.

With homeowners struggling in a competitive and oversaturated market, knowing how to make a property stand out is essential.

With this in mind, Allan Reid, a property expert & CEO of Art Windows & Doors, has shared five ways to boost a property’s kerb appeal to secure a sale.

Allan said: “The housing market is growing increasingly competitive, with sellers having to continuously find new ways to attract potential buyers.

“Luckily, spring doesn’t just bring sunny weather, it also brings the perfect opportunity to sell your home.

“And, by investing some extra money into your home, you can capitalise on this lucrative season and make your house stand out amongst the rest.”

1. Upgrade the front door

Front doors are the “focal point” of a home and are the first thing a prospective buyer will see before they enter the property.

Having a well-maintained, clean front door in a stylish colour is one of the “best ways” to make a home more appealing.

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2. Lawn maintenance

The expert said: “Unfortunately, an untidy or unkempt lawn can immediately indicate neglect – a red flag for anyone wishing to purchase your home.

“Instead, keep on top of regularly trimming or mowing your lawn, or consider investing in a gardener.”

Gardens are one of the most sought-after features of a property so it’s critical to keep them in tip-top condition.

Allan said gardens are “an excellent return on investment when properly cared for, adding thousands to the value of your home”.

3. Fresh fencing

Fencing can maximise outdoor space, neaten up the exterior of a property and create privacy.

A professionally-installed and painted fence can appeal to buyers and increase how attractive a property looks by allowing homeowners to landscape the area and complement plants. However, the fencing needs to be kept in good condition as a poorly maintained fence can look neglectful.

4. Security

It may not be the first thing buyers think about but it’s an important aspect of a home, especially with crime on the rise.

Buyers want to feel their homes are safe as well as welcoming. There are several easy and affordable ways to make a home more secure such as introducing locks, a security system or surveillance cameras.

“As a bonus, these visibility features not only help to boost kerb appeal but are all great deterrents for burglars and intruders,” Allan added.

5. Outdoor space

Allan said kerb appeal is much more than just a garden. He explained: “Homes that incorporate other outdoor features, such as a patio, deck area or sunroom, will all stand out compared to other houses in the local area.

“These multi-functional spaces not only act as an extension of your home but can easily be transformed into luxury areas that you can use year-round, meaning prospective buyers love them.”

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