Product to use regularly in the toilet to ‘prevent build up’ of stains

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A cleaning guru has shared two different methods to clean the toilet with, one for a deep clean and one more frequent method to prevent stains from building up.

Lucy is a cleaning, home, motherhood, and lifestyle influencer.

She posts on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, and has been doing so for three years. 

She boasts a whopping 74k likes on her real life cleaning videos on her TikTok account, Cleaning With Lucy. 

She addressed tackling stains in the toilet bowl, how to remove them and how to prevent them.

Lucy shared a method to deep clean the toilet first, to restore the porcelain thrown to its former, shining beauty.

She uses hot water and a foaming cleaning product, before using a toilet brush.

Lucy said: “Add a kettle’s worth of hot water (not freshly boiled) to the toilet.

“Add Dr. Beckmann power foaming toilet cleaner and leave for 10 minutes.

“Brush the toilet bowl and u-bend with a brush and flush it.”

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Lucy also has a tip to use more frequently to keep stains at bay.

She said: “To prevent build up you can use an Astonish toilet tablet in-between cleans.”

Astonish’s Toilet Bowl Fizz & Fresh Tabs “remove limescale, calcium and rust with ease,” according to the brand.

Use the product by dropping the tablet into the toiler bow, after removing it from its wrapper.

Leave it in there for 20 minutes and then brush the bowl and flush the toilet.

Another cleaning aficionado suggested a cleaning product for the toilet daily to prevent stains. 

The cleaner, who goes by the Cleaning Fairy Godmother online, boasts 800k followers on TikTok.

She uses a pumice stone on her toilet, she told

Jen uses a pumice stone to go over the marks, gently buffing them off.

Why do toilets get stained?

Stains on toilet bowls tend to build up over time and it’s due to do the water.

The minerals in hard water build-up and then the deposits become visible.

These stains can be removed with baking soda and white vinegar, a mixture of which breaks down the stains and helps whiten the bowl.

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