Princess Diana niece Kitty Spencer’s extravagant £19million mansion ‘reflects who she is’

Kitty Spencer wears Dolce & Gabbana gown on wedding day

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After marrying last month, the niece of Princess Diana Kitty Spencer and South-African millionaire husband Michael Lewis returned to the UK to start their life together. But where do the couple live?

Kitty Spencer and Michael Lewis had already been living together for many years before getting married.

They own an impressive mansion in central London, which is worth approximately £19 million.

In 2021, Michael Lewis’ net worth was estimated at £80 million.

Kitty has shared many snaps of her stunning house on social media showing her love for the decadent luxurious Italian style.

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In one picture, Princess Diana’s niece shared with fans a glimpse of her living room.

The extravagant room is covered in gold wallpaper, has pink and gold curtains and white radiators.

Kitty also has a large contemporary art picture on the wall.

The decoration, especially the colours chosen for the walls and the curtain design, is highly influenced by the classic Italian style.

On another snap taken in her London home, fans could see a very opulent lounge room.

It included bold patterned furniture, gold curtains and floral wallpaper along with many baroque decoration items.

A big crystal chandelier is seen hanging from the ceiling, baroque mirrors covering the walls, and antique candle holders resting on the visible surfaces.

Kitty’s bathroom follows the same classic Italian style.

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The snap shows an all-marble bathroom – which includes white marble sink, bath and walls.

Another large chandelier can be seen as well as a frosted glass door that separates the big space.

Kitty posted a video of her making homemade pizza, presumably with her husband, where fans could get a glimpse of her kitchen.

The room is somehow more traditional, featuring dark marble worktops and walls, and wooden cupboards.

Speaking about her home Kitty explained the interior design was her “most indulgent purchase”.

“It was very important to me that my house was a home, somewhere I wanted to come back to at the end of the day, and somewhere that reflects who I am.

“I became totally absorbed in the process, from the fabrics to the joinery.

“I can’t imagine that it’s something I’ll ever regret putting money into. After spending the majority of 2020 at home, I appreciate the space I’ve created now more than ever,” she said.

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