‘Prevent heat loss’: Affordable ways to stay warm this winter – including £2 draught tape

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Experts at Ocean Finance have shared top tips on how Britons can keep warm this winter, and save money in the process. They said: “Even if you have your heating on, you’ll find that your home won’t retain the heat if there are any gaps or holes that it can slip out of, such as in your window (especially if it is single glazed).

“All you need to do is invest in some draught tape.”

This can be picked up for around £2 on Amazon.

Ocean Finance experts added: “This type of tape is used to create a seal around the gaps in your windows that let any cool air in.”

Rearranging furniture in certain rooms of the home can also help the heating to circulate.

The experts explained: “If you have any furniture that covers or blocks a radiator, it’s likely that the heat from the radiator is being absorbed by that object.

“Have a scan around your living room, and if anything is blocking the radiator, you can then rearrange it to improve the heat flow.”

It is recommended that a sofa be placed around one foot away from a radiator if needed.

Another affordable method to improve heat flow is to use specialist foil.

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According to Ocean Finance, this can be purchased for around £6.

They said: “The foil will reflect the heat and prevent it going into the walls.

“If your home isn’t very well insulated, then this could help you prevent heat loss. 

“It’s also an eco-friendlier way of keeping yourself a bit warmer.”

The better a home’s insulation, the less it will need heating, saving on money as well as being more eco-friendly.

The experts recommended investing in thick curtains to help keep the warm in and the cold out.

For those not wanting to splash out on new curtains, lining them with fleece can also be effective.

Placing a hoodie or old blanket at the bottom of an internal door that lets the heat out can also help to keep a room warm.

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Other options for staying warm include using a hot water bottle.

This can be much cheaper than heating a whole home and is also a great way to stay warm through the night.

Radiators are also one of the most used items within a home, but often the least cleaned.

Dust settles on radiators easily, as well as on the inside.

According to experts, keeping a radiator clean can help lower the heating costs as well as prevent heat from escaping.

Bleeding radiators when needed can also help them to work more efficiently.

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