Premium Bonds checker: How to check if you’ve won NS&I £1m jackpot

Martin Lewis gives updated advice on premium bonds

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In the November draw, there were a staggering 3,304,532 premium bond prizes worth a whopping £95,005,275. But while the vast majority of these (3,296,727) were worth £100 or less, two premium bonds holders won a staggering £1m jackpot each. Here are the lucky codes – have you won big?

Premium Bonds are a type of savings account where customers put money into and the interest paid is decided by a monthly prize draw.

Those who invest in Premium Bonds could win £25 up to £1 million tax-free in the NS&I draw.

What are the winning bonds for November’s draw?

Two Premium Bonds holders have won the top £1million jackpot this month and both winners come from Bristol.

Bond 332GB855665 has won its investor the top prize. It was bought in June 2018 as part of an overall holding of £38,000.

The second bond, which has made its owner a millionaire, is 209DZ100774. This was bought in July 2013 as part of an overall holding of £25,004.

NS&I has introduced a reduction in interest rates – how will this affect the number of prizes in future draws?

In November, NS&I reduced its interest rates, which means the chances of any £1 Premium Bond number winning have reduced from 24,500/1 to 34,500/1.

There will be more than a million fewer prizes available in December’s draw than November’s.

This will come as a blow to many eager investors, as the chances of winning, and the total jackpot, has shrunk significantly.

How can you check if you’ve won?

You may not have won the NS&I’s top jackpot, but millions of other investors have pocketed prizes in tonight’s draw.

You can download the NS&I’s free app to check if your bonds have won.

If not, you can use the NS&I online prize checker here.

The results of each draw usually become accessible on the second day of the month.

You can claim your prize at any time as there is no time limit on redeeming your winnings.

What happens to unclaimed prizes?

Traditionally Premium Bonds are bought for children.

This means they can often be forgotten about over the years.

Prizes can also be missed if bond owners have moved away and have forgotten to change their contact address, so NS&I can’t reach them.

A staggering 1.7 million Premium Bonds prizes currently remain unclaimed with a total value of more than £65 million, so if you have any bonds it’s worth checking them regularly to see if you are a winner.

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