PIP claimants could be missing out on vital freebies including free bus pass

Disabled pensioner in tears over cost of living crisis burden

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The University of London estimates Britons spend up to £110 every month on transport alone. PIP claimants could be pocketing this annual £1,320 and much more thanks to eight other concessions and freebies entitled to them.

There are four types of transport concessions available to PIP claimants, namely the disabled person’s bus pass and railcard. 

These passes entitles card holders to free travel on local buses in England and most rail fares in the UK.

Additionally, the railcard makes additional allowances for disabled people’s carers and travelling companions. 

Similarly, the London Freedom Pass provides free travel on most forms of TFL transport and free bus journeys nationally.

For PIP claimants that can’t use ordinary public transport and don’t have access to private transport could use community transport schemes such as social cars, dial-a-ride or taxicard schemes. 

Different regions may also have additional concessions or offers available for PIP claimants which they can check on through contacting their local council. 

Alongside public transport concessions, there are seven other top-ups, discounts and schemes PIP claimants are encouraged to take advantage of. 

Benefit top-ups

PIP claimants receiving certain aspects of PIP are entitled to additional benefits and payments such as Housing Benefit, Jobseeker’s Allowance, Income Support, Working Tax Credit, Employment and Support Allowance and Pension Credit. 

These extras are referred to premiums, with PIP daily living component recipients due the likes of Employment and Support Allowance or Pension Credit.

Claimants can contact the DWP to find out what they are entitled to but should have a copy of their PIP award letter to hand in order to apply.

Council tax discount

Council tax discounts are available for households with specific circumstances that meet the criteria, which can sometimes differ between different councils. 

Blue Badge scheme

Claimants can contact their local authority to find out if they can still access this scheme as the system has changed since it was used with the Disability Living Allowance. 

Increased housing benefit

Some claimants may already be receiving housing benefits when they are awarded PIP but could get an increased rate due to their new benefit. 

Anyone receiving PIP on behalf of a child between the age of 16 and 20 that are in training or education can usually receive an increased rate but can contact their local council to find out what they are entitled to.

Road tax discount

Britons receiving the standard rate mobility aspect of PIP can receive a 50 percent road tax discount with those receiving the enhanced rate due a 100 percent discount.

Toll roads

The majority of toll roads and congestion schemes in the UK offer a concession to disabled people meeting the criteria set by the different operators which generally apply to those receiving the enhanced rate mobility component.

Entertainment discounts

Keeping one’s PIP award letter with them when going out can see them offered a range of different concessions and discounts. 

This can be especially fruitful if claimants have a carer as they can sometimes receive the same discount as the PIP claimant. 

The National Trust, English Heritage, UK Cinema Association and Merlin Entertainment Attractions all offer unique discounts and concessions for PIP claimants and their companions. 

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