PIP claim: The full list of freebies and discounts you can get from DWP

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Almost three million people in the UK currency receive PIP but few know that this makes them eligible for a range of other benefits depending on their rate and reason for claiming. One scheme, the Disabled Facilities Grant, could see PIP claimants getting up to £30,000 in England, £36,000 in Wales or £25,000 in Northern Ireland.

PIP is intended to replace the Disability Living Allowance, providing financial help for adults with the added costs of a long-term health condition or disability. 

The benefit is split into two parts, the daily living part and the mobility part, both of which have a lower and higher rate depending on how severe one’s condition is. 

However, as it turns out PIP offers more than just monetary compensation with millions now realising their eligibility for other benefits thanks to their successful PIP claim. 

The Department of Work and Pensions shared that those who claim PIP may qualify for further assistance with other finances in the form of discounts or freebies. 

PIP claimants could also be eligible for:

  • Council tax discount up to 100 percent
  • Free bus pass
  • Blue badge parking scheme
  • Motability scheme
  • Disabled Person’s Railcard
  • Warm Home Discount
  • Vehicle tax exemption
  • Watersure scheme
  • Disabled Facilities Grant

For both the council tax discount and free bus pass, PIP claimants are advised to contact and apply for these concessions through their local authority. 

Blue Badge parking scheme enables drivers to use disabled parking bays and costs up to £10 in England and £20 in Scotland while it is free of charge in Wales.

The motability scheme and vehicle tax exemption is only available for claimants receiving the enhanced mobility part of PIP. 

The scheme allows the claimant to “trade” a portion or all of their mobility payments and put it towards the cost of a vehicle. 

Claimants can receive discounts on rail tickets of up to a third with a Disabled Person’s Railcard, which they can apply for online.

Those receiving any level of PIP should qualify for the £140 Warm Home Discount to use on electricity bills or gas bills during winter, as well as the WaterSure scheme to cap their water bills. 

The Disabled Facilities Grant provides financial compensation for those that need to modify their home to accommodate for their condition or disability. 

The grant offers PIP claimants up to £30,000 in England, £36,000 in Wales or £25,000 in Northern Ireland but is not available in Scotland.

Since its inception, PIP has seen millions of claims for a varying degree of assistance, however people have reported difficulties in succeeding with a claim.

In April 2021, reportedly only 48 percent of new PIP claims that had an assessment were successful. 

Experts suggest that this is because claimants don’t go into enough detail or hold back on sharing the overarching effect their disability has on everyday life in their application. 

Additionally, many claimants aren’t aware that they do not need to have a physical condition or disability in order to claim the mobility part of PIP. 

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