Phil Spencer shares ‘simple’ and ‘straightforward’ property renovations for homeowners

Phil Spencer discusses ‘seasonal jobs’

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Phil explained: “There are so many to choose from…firstly seasonal jobs, there are jobs that need to be done in the summer and there are jobs that need to be done in the winter. Guttering and roofing are the two immediate ones that come to mind. When the leaves fall off the trees, you need to clean your gutters. They do get clogged up and if you get a clogged gutter and a clogged downpipe, then that spells all sorts of problem and you won’t see those problems until the water starts dripping down the inside of your wall.”

Clogged gutters can cause damage to ceilings, windows, woodwork and walls.

Cleaning gutters out regularly can help maintain the property.

This is especially important if looking to sell, as it can increase the kerb appeal of a home.

Inside the home, Phil recommended focusing on the bathroom and kitchen.

He said: “Kitchen and bathrooms you can do an awful lot fairly cheaply and from that I’m talking about reusing, upcycling.

“Changing kitchen cupboard doors, changing handles, changing work surfaces, changing the lighting, changing the flooring.

“Pretty simple and straightforward changes that can actually really transform a kitchen.”

In the bathroom, Phil explained that homeowners can redo the tiles as well as the grout and shower screens.

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According to estate agency Savills, a kitchen refurb can add at least five percent to the property value.

However, it isn’t just a kitchen and bathroom that can be remodelled.

During the pandemic, many Britons have moved home in search for more space, including a larger outdoor area.

The property expert said that a garden can add as much value to the house as another room.

He said: “It [the garden] deserves and justifies expense, time and care.

“Present it, decorate it if you like, give it the same thought as you would an extra room.

“You can do an awful lot in a garden, even if it is a small garden….Put lighting in, do pathways, use pots.

“It doesn’t have to be permanent and it doesn’t have to be of major expense but the garden is a really important part.”

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The entrance of a home is also just as important as any remodel in the home, as it is the first area of the home potential homebuyers come across.

For those not selling, the entranceway is the first area guests see when they visit.

Phil said: “The entrance, the entrance hallway and indeed before you get to the entrance.

“Have a look at that and rethink it…you go in and out of that door all the time and you don’t think about it.”

Phil recommended getting an honest opinion about the space, including from a neighbour or friend.

Whether it be painting the door or cleaning the area, the property expert explained that this improvement can be done on a budget.

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