Peugeot tops cars most likely to pass their MOTs first time – but does YOURS make the list? | The Sun

THE cars most likely to pass their MOT the first time has been revealed – does yours make the grade?

Around 40 per cent of cars in the UK fail their first MOT, according to the DVSA, so picking a reliable car could save drivers hundreds of pounds.

Peugeot 108 came out top of the list according to the motoring experts at Bill Plant Driving School after they analysed the figures from the Department of Transport.

The car had a 85.9 per cent pass rate, according to the experts.

They said: “There haven’t been any obvious recurring problems with this car and it uses a lot of the already proven components from the Peugeot 107, which should give further confidence for its reliability and longevity.

“As for safety, the 108 comes with six airbags, and anti-lock brakes to prevent skidding when abruptly braking, as well as electronic stability control.

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“You’re likely to find this car used too, which presents the opportunity for a real bargain.”

The iconic Mini Cooper took second place with a MOT pass rate of 84.7 per cent.

The experts said: “This car can be found quite frequently on the used market, as people outgrow this compact car as their needs change, meaning you can get it for quite a bargain.

“As for reliability and safety, while the older Minis had reliability issues, the quality of the newer models has drastically improved, so those from 2014 onwards are the best bet."

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They added the car “is a classic and sure to be a great first car for new drivers.”

Coming in third place was the Skoda Citigo with a pass rate of 83.9 per cent.

The driving experts said: “Not only does the Citigo boast high reliability, but it also has low running and servicing costs.

“Originally, the Citigo had a high safety rating from Euro NCAP, though, it was lowered upon the removal of the autonomous emergency braking system.

“However, the Citigo still has seatbelt warning lights for front and rear seats and a lane support system to prevent drifting, which also intervenes in more dire situations.

“Rated as the safest used car for new drivers in 2017, it would seem that statement still holds.”

The experts at the Bill Plant Driving School also analysed the figures for the most common car faults, with problems with the engine coming out top by some distance.

There were 567,030 Google searches for this problem between June 2018 and May 2022, according to the analysis.

The experts said this was no surprise, considering the number of parts an engine has but added: “Most commonly, the engine is affected by damaged spark plugs, inadequate lubrication and a failing oil pump, the majority of which are relatively cheap repairs.”

Issues with the brakes was the second most common problem, with 144,790 searches.

“Within a car’s braking system, several elements need to be in excellent working order,” the experts said. “From the brake discs and pads to the callipers and cylinders. Even a lack of brake fluid can be cause for concern.

“However, for the most part, regular checks and maintenance can often prevent serious problems with your brake system and save a new driver plenty of money.”

In third place was seat belt issues, with 104,750 searches.

The experts said that while problems with a seat belt wouldn’t interfere with the running of your car, it was a huge safety issue and any issues should be corrected as soon as possible.

They said: “Should your seatbelt break or even the seat belt buckle, it would be imperative that you get it repaired as quickly as possible, after all, it is a relatively inexpensive fault to fix and could save your life in the unfortunate event of an accident.”

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