Pensioners may not have to pay council tax – find out if you qualify for 100% discount

Dementia: Pensioner fumes over council tax changes

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Certain pensioners can apply for a reduction in their council tax bill which could prove especially useful during the current cost of living crisis. This is known as Council Tax Support.

Also called Council Tax Reduction, it helps people on lower incomes by reducing their tax bill.

Council Tax Support replaced Council Tax Benefit in April 2013.

Both homeowners and those who rent can claim Council Tax Support.

Britons can claim regardless of whether they are employed or unemployed.

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One of the main avenues to getting a council tax reduction for pensioners is via Pension Credit.

Pension Credit is a benefit for pensioners on lower incomes.

Those who receive Guarantee Credit, which is the core element of Pension Credit, may be eligible to have their council tax paid in full.

Britons who do not qualify for Guarantee Credit but still wish to get some help with their council tax may still be eligible if they have a low income and savings of less than £16,000.

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Council Tax Support of up to 100 percent may be given to people who:

  • Are a pensioner
  • Are entitled to a disability premium or disabled child premium
  • Are entitled to Employment Support Allowance and also receive a qualifying disability related benefit
  • Receive a carer’s premium
  • Receive a war disablement pension, war widows pension or war widower’s pension
  • Care for a child dependent under six

Even if someone does not meet any of the criteria, they may still apply if their partner does qualify.

It is important to note that Council Tax Support is not available in Northern Ireland.

There is not a set amount of support someone can get through Council Tax Support, it can vary for each individual.

This is because local councils are responsible for operating their own scheme and setting the rates.

These factors could impact how much support a person can get:

  • Which benefits they receive
  • Their age
  • Their income
  • Their savings
  • Who they live with
  • How much council tax they pay.

An applicant’s income will include their savings, pensions and their partner’s income.

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