Pensioners could save money on energy bills in six key ways – ‘check if you can!’

Martin Lewis explains inflation and energy bills

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The cost of living crisis is spiralling, with millions worried about how they are going to make ends meet. Nowhere more is this the case than energy bills, which are substantially increasing for families and people across the country.

New analysis from Cornwall Insight suggests typical energy bills will hit £4,266 a year from January.

The higher estimate means the average household would pay £355 a month instead of the current £164 monthly.

Many of those on a limited income, including pensioners, will therefore be looking to make cut backs to see if they can save.

Citizens Advice has urged Britons to “check if you can use less electricity and gas”.

The charity has pointed towards six key ways people could reduce their usage and save money as a result.

Firstly, individuals are encouraged to use their tumble dryer, if they have one, less.

Instead, they could benefit from drying clothes outside or by an open window – weather permitting.

When it comes to running a washing machine, individuals could save money by putting this at 30 degrees and washing a full load whenever possible.

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A simple change is turning off plug sockets at the wall if they are not being used, as keeping appliances on standby could run up a bill.

A fridge is a key appliance which has to be left on, but Citizens Advice suggests setting it between three and five degrees.

Keeping a freezer regularly defrosted can also help Britons to save money.

Making the switch from typical lightbulbs to LED or other energy efficient lightbulbs can also help.

Finally, individuals are encouraged to close their curtains in the evening, as this can help to keep heat in when it is cold.

Individuals may also be able to get benefits and grants to help them with their bills.

This might be the case for those who have reached state pension age, who are on a low income, or who have a disability.

The Warm Home Discount scheme, for example, offers £150 off electricity bills to those on the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit, and low income individuals.

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The Winter Fuel Payment provides support to those born on  or before September 26, 1955.

This year, pensioners will also automatically receive an extra £300 with their usual payment. 

Some should get grants to help if they are in energy debts, with numerous suppliers offering assistance.

These include: British Gas, Octopus, Ovo, Scottish Power, E.ON and EDF. 

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