Pensioners could be eligible for top up worth £3,300 plus £650 payment – check now

State Pension: Expert outlines criteria to qualify

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Many pensioners are struggling during the cost of living crisis, which is hitting pockets hard. However, there is help at hand which could offer Britons thousands of pounds.

Pension Credit is designed to provide those on a low income with a top up to help with their living costs.

It is available exclusively to Britons who have reached state pension age.

Pension Credit is separate from the state pension, but can still provide vital support.

However, it is an underclaimed benefit, with many of those who are eligible failing to claim the sum.

The benefit tops up weekly income to £182.60 for those who are single, and joint income per week to £278.70 if a person has a partner.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has said Pension Credit can be worth some £3,300 per year.

This could make a real difference to a person’s finances and their security. 

Those who claim Pension Credit may also be entitled to other forms of help.

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This includes Housing Benefit, a free TV licence for over 75s, a council tax discount and help with NHS costs.

However, those on Pension Credit have recently been classified by the Government as potentially “vulnerable”.

As a result, they will also be eligible for a £650 cost of living payment to support them during the current crisis. 

The Government has explained more than eight million households on means-tested benefits will receive the payout.

It is to be made in two instalments which eligible people should receive in the near future.

For Pension Credit claimants to be eligible, they must have received the sum for any day in the period of April 26, 2022 to May 25, 2022.

The DWP is to provide further guidance, and the Government will set out the qualifying dates for the second instalment, in due course.

The payment is tax-free and does not impact on any existing benefit awards.

Payments are made directly to households across the UK who are eligible.

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All pensioners should also get a one-off payment of £300 as the Government states they are “disproportionately impacted by higher energy costs”.

It means eligible Pension Credit claimants should get a total of £950 to support them, with some getting more if they have a disability. 

Pension Credit can be claimed online, via phone or by post – whichever method suits a person best.

They will, however, need to provide details about their circumstances as well as their National Insurance number.

This will include:

  • Information about any income, savings and investments one has
  • Information about income, savings and investments on the date a person wants to backdate their application to (usually three months ago or the date they reached state pension age)
  • Bank account details

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