PC gamers rush to buy four classic LucasArts games bundle appearing in baskets for only £1.50 | The Sun

PC gamers are rushing to get their hands on a bundle of four games for less than £1.50 that are absolutely doused in 90s nostalgia.

The LucasArts Adventure Pack is perfect if you're a fan of old-school classics.

The LucasArts Adventure Pack features these four games:

  • Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (1992)
  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)
  • LOOM (1990)
  • The Dig (1995)

The games, which are available on all Windows and Mac computers, come from the studio behind Monkey Island and Star Wars Battlefront II.

Titles from the 90s have yet to lose their charm, despite the lure of the cleaner graphics you find in games of the 2010s and onwards.


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Maybe if you got stuck and gave up on the game decades ago, it's an opportunity to try again, without sacrificing that much cash.

"Here in this pack you get four of the best adventure games ever made! Ahh, nice to feel young again playing them," one five star reviewer wrote on Steam.

"Definitely a MUST HAVE in any Game Library!"

Another wrote: "The LucasArts Adventure Pack contains classics from a time when the genre dominated the gaming landscape in the early 90s.

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"A nostalgic trip for some and a piece of history for others, the LucasArts Adventure Pack contains four awesome blasts from the past."

The quad of games is currently discounted on Steam by nearly 80 per cent, from £6.99 to £1.46.

All you need to do to buy them is create a Steam account, which shouldn't take longer than five minutes.

But remember: offers like this are usually time limited.

PC gamers who are keen on the deal have until Monday 21 to claim it.

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