PBS White House reporter promotes Democratic election law overhaul bill on MSNBC

Media top headlines June 22

The Washington Posted getting panned for report on Stacey Abrams and Democrats’ ‘evolution’ on voter ID, Dave Portnoy bashing ‘dishonest loser’ who ignored Barstool Fund in criticism of the founder, and Meghan McCain being troubled by Biden’s abortion stance round out today’s top media headlines

PBS White House correspondent and anchor of “Washington Week” newsmagazine, Yamiche Alcindor, appeared to promote the Democrats’ election overhaul bill known as the “For the People Act”, during a Tuesday panel interview on MSNBC.

Alcindor joined MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace on “Deadline: White House” to warn that the debate over the bill will lead to the ultimatum of “what is American democracy, and who should have access to it?”.

“This is going to be a debate about whether or not we want America to be the place that the Founders—flawed as they may have been—the Founders wanted it to be,” she said. “Which is, a place where people could vote and people could have access to who are the elected officials,” Alcindor claimed.

The For The People Act ensures automatic voter registration, require states to allow same-day voter registration on election day, and aims to curtail states’ efforts in “purging” voter rolls of inactive and deceased citizens and those who moved away. The bill also includes a provision that severely weakens and nullifies state voter ID laws. 

Republicans have uniformly opposed the sweeping bill, describing it as Washington power grab from the states. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., previously warned it would “victimize every taxpayer” while giving Democrats “unprecedented control over 50 states’ election laws.”

On MSNBC, Alcindor said that civil rights leaders are telling her that President Biden must accelerate the nomination of federal judges to prevent several Republican state legislatures from passing voting rights bills in order to prevent voter suppression. 

She also referenced “a post-1/6 world,” Americans have to “ask ourselves whether democracy will be protected.”

Alcindor has appeared to be supportive of the Biden administration, often asking questions that paint the administration in favorable light. Earlier this month, the liberal PBS reporter asked how President Biden could heal the “scars” in Europe and convince leaders President Donald Trump traumatized that he was an “anomaly.”

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