Our lives are being made hell by 'selfish' parents trapping us in homes with bad parking – the abuse we face is shocking | The Sun

NEIGHBOURS say their lives are being made hell by "selfish" parents who trap them with their bad parking.

Those living on the Stoke-on-Trent street say they're suffering shocking abuse during the school run.

Janet Edwards, 69, said she was called a "cow" by one parent when she asked them to move their car from blocking her driveway.

The pensioner told The Sun Online: "You get so much abuse from the parents.

"I live opposite the school and they block me in.

"A woman effed and blinded at me and called me a 'cow' and said, 'What are you going to do about it'?


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"They are just too lazy to park down the road and walk up."

In desperation, Janet has put traffic cones outside her driveway – which were provided by the local school.

However, she claims they were "chucked out of the way".

She added: “The parents take no notice.

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"If you say anything you get loads of abuse. It's usually the younger ones. They are so selfish."

Janet claims she's seen six kids hit by cars in the 18 years they've lived in the area.

The Sun Online visited the scene and witnessed the chaos during an afternoon pick up.

Numerous cars crammed the street, ignoring the permit scheme put in place by Stoke-on-Trent City Council.

However one local, who lives opposite the school said parking was now "worse than ever".

Matthew Bennett, 46, said: "We’re often blocked in during the morning and afternoon school run and you can’t get out of your drive let alone down the street.

"It is ridiculous!

"You can't stop being blocked in.”

Refusing to buy a £38 per year permit, Matthew said: “I shouldn’t have to fork out for one to stop people blocking me in."


A woman, who visits her frail 91-year-old mum, said she is blocked in all the time despite being a permit holder.

The daughter, who wanted to remain anonymous, said: “The new permit scheme hasn't made much difference.

"I come here daily, park where I’m meant to and still get blocked in.

“What can you do?”

One parent, who drops her kid off and picks them up, said she parks down the end of the road and walks.

Serap Karaman, 44, said: "The problems are caused by the parents.

"Rules are rules are they are not being followed.

“Many leave it until the last moment which causes chaos and the residents have a right to complain.

"I sometimes hear shouting and complaining while I’m sitting in my car."

She added: "It’s not the school’s fault, it’s a wonderful school and the management is absolutely amazing so hat's off to them.

“The school sends out emails asking parents not to park right outside but some people ignore them.

“They’ve even changed the morning drop off time from 8.40am to 8.50am and traffic wardens have been issuing tickets as a last resort."


Sandon Primary School said they have worked with local residents for years and ask the community to remain respectful to one another.

A spokesperson said: "For many years we have worked collaboratively with local residents in requesting that the community adhere to parking restrictions outside of the Academy, as we share their concerns regarding potential accidents.

"We fully support parking permits for residents, ask that the community are respectful towards one another & continue to remind adults of their role in keeping children safe when arriving to school."

A Stoke-on-Trent City Council spokesperson said they haven't received any complaints on the matter.

They said: "We take all resident’s views very seriously but can only act on information received, as a Council no complaints have been received to date.

"Initially, the city council looked at multiple options to reduce/stop the impact of obstructive parking by parents/visitors to Sandon Primary Academy on Harrowby Road in Meir.

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"A consultation was conducted with the local residents on the options and the final preferred scheme was chosen. The introduction of four small ‘resident only’ parking bays, road markings amended and the Legal Order supporting the Residents Only Parking Scheme was formally operational on 14 December 2022.

"We hope the new scheme will successfully keep both residents and pedestrians safe from inconsiderate and unsafe parking."

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