NY Post's Devine: Mainstream media suppressed Hunter Biden story until 'their man' won election

Media ignores Hunter Biden scandal until after election

New York Post columnist Miranda Devine weighs in on ‘Fox and Friends.’

New York Post columnist Miranda Devine ripped mainstream media outlets on Friday for "actively suppressing" the Hunter Biden story until "their man" Joe Biden was elected.

After news broke this week that Hunter Biden's tax affairs involving overseas business dealings, including with China, were the subject of a criminal federal investigation, legacy media outlets started facing fresh scrutiny for belittling and even condemning the New York Post for its October report on the contents of Biden's laptop. 

"The New York Post story broke on October 14, which is more than two weeks before the election," she said on "Fox & Friends." "It should have been covered, and instead it was actively suppressed. It was ignored."

Mainstream media outlets in October repeated claims that the New York Post's story on the laptop was part of a foreign intelligence operation, likely by Russia, a favorite bogeyman for any ills during the last five years. Twitter blocked users from sharing the New York Post article, and Facebook limited its distribution in an unprecedented display of Big Tech censorship. The New York Post's Twitter account was locked until enough of an outcry forced its hand.

The investigation has been ongoing since 2018, before the elder Biden even declared his 2020 candidacy.

"You had not just active suppression but you had Big Tech locking our Twitter account," Devine said, "throttling the story on Facebook, and then you had 50 intelligence operatives signing a letter … 'Oh, this looks very much like a Russian disinformation operation,' and that of course was the green light to all those media outfits like CNN and Washington Post and NPR and so on to pretend that our story was Russian disinformation, that we effectively at the New York Post were acting as Russian agents.

"It was all a ruse to get their man over the line in the election, to get Joe Biden across the line with zero scrutiny into what really is a fishy story, and now of course they're reporting it because they think that they've won."

Trump campaign adviser Steve Cortes said on "Fox & Friends" the media has only become interested in covering the story after Joe Biden's election victory.

"What changed is we had an election and they believe that their candidate has won, so corporate media is now suddenly interested in covering what has always been and what we knew in October was the biggest and most explosive story of the entire campaign," he said.


Cortes mocked media outlets for being guilty of their favorite word during the Trump administration: "collusion." A combination of media, Big Tech, and high-level intelligence operatives had worked together, Cortes charged, to bury the Biden story and promote the false notion that it was part of Russian intelligence.

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