‘Not a sign of mould’ Use extremely cheap tip clean machine

How to clean a washing machine effortlessly

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Mrs Hinch is a cleaning influencer with over four million followers on Instagram. She skyrocketed to fame thanks to her sharing of handy cleaning tips and tricks. Now, her fans have created Facebook pages in her honour in order to do the same.

On one such page, with over 100,000 members, one Mrs Hinch fan wanted to know how best to keep the rubber seal of her washing machine clean.

She said: “Getting a new washing machine delivered on Wednesday would love some tips on keeping the rubber rim/seal clean.”

The post received over 100 comments as other Mrs Hinch fans shared their best hacks.

Most cleaning enthusiasts recommended tips that cost no money – or little – and can be done using products or methods already found in most homes.

Lisa Lindsay said: “Use powder not liquid and always leave the door and drawer open after each wash.”

Terri Shau agreed, writing: “Just leave the door open, there is a small hole in the rubber to let the water drain so no need to do anything.”

Lucy Taylor commented: “I dry rim with a micro fibre cloth after each wash and leave door open. Four years in washing machine still like new.”

Amanda Grinham said: “What make are these washing machines that leave mould and price range as I use powder, liquid and capsules and never had this problem. The only thing I do is leave the door open slightly.”

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Kathleen Balshaw recommended: “Dry the seal after every wash, leave a absorbent sponge tucked in the bottom of the seal, to catch the excess.”

Sharon Wilmot said: “I use powder. In 45 years my rim has never gone grimey on any machine I’ve ever had.”

Linda Sharkie also had a straightforward piece of advice – she said: “Wipe seal dry and always leave the door ajar. Never use your washing machine as a laundry basket. Only fill it when you are going to wash straight away. Don’t use fabric softener.”

Kathleen Storey advised using a natural product usually found in most households’ cupboards. She wrote: “Spray all around the rubber seal with white vinegar. Leave the door open and the dispenser drawer open. Wash dispenser drawer in the dishwasher.”

Marie Chamberlain commented: “I pop one of those plastic de humidifier in it, keep the door and the drawer open.”

Teresa Wong said: “Our machine is over six years old and still looks like new. Dry rubber seal with a cloth after every use and keep door open. Also rinse powder drawer out each time and let dry.”

Nichola Medhurst Robinson wrote: “Leave the door open between washes. That’s all I do, apart from an occasional wipe with a damp cloth.”

Vanessa Findlay wrote: “Now that’s an easy one, just wipe with an anti-bac wipe after each use, and unless you have toddlers or small pets that could climb inside, leave door open for a little while afterwards.”

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Yvonne Ison commented: “Without fail soak up and dry the inner rubber every time you empty the drum, then leave a folded cloth over the door to prevent it closing completely.

“Mine is four years old, used nearly every day and not a sign of any mould.”

Sheena Karim wrote: “Dry the rubber seal after every use. Leave the door open. Take the drawer out, rinse it and dry inside the hole where the drawer goes. Leave the drawer to dry on the side.”

Karen Tse added: “When it’s all finished I dry the seal with a piece of kitchen paper and leave the draw and door open.”

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