NJ Dem called out for 'nasty' bar complaint against Giuliani, other Trump lawyers

Giuliani: Coordinated effort of election fraud

Trump’s Director of Press Communications Erin Perrine weighs in.

Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr., D-N.J., announced that he had filed complaints with various state bars calling for the disbarment of Rudy Giuliani and other attorneys representing President Trump's campaign, only to be accused of being a "political hack" whose actions will likely be meaningless.

Pascrell announced Friday that he had filed complaints in New York, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan and Nevada against Giuliani and 22 others "for filing frivolous lawsuits and trying to help Trump steal the election and dismantle democracy." California Republican National Committeewoman Harmeet K. Dhillon blasted Pascrell for what she believes will prove to be a toothless action.

"This type of complaint from a random political hack literally NEVER leads to disbarment or even sanctions, at least in California," Dhillon tweeted early Wednesday morning. "He isn’t a client; he isn’t injured; and the lawyers zealously represented clients. Pascrell’s is just a nasty and impotent spasm of hate & thuggery."

Pascrell shared a copy of his complaint against Giuliani, which accused the former New York City mayor of violating ethics rules against bringing "frivolous" actions and "conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation."

The New Jersey congressman did not provide any specific examples of any "dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation," on Giuliani's part, but he accused him of aiding President Trump in what amounts to "sinister arson" in the form of undermining public confidence in the election process.

Typically, after the grievance committee receives a complaint, a staff attorney examines the allegations to determine whether or not it warrants investigation. If they determine to look into it further, they would notify the subject of the complaint and have them respond. Following an investigation, the complaint may be dismissed, it could result in a letter of advisement or admonition, or for more serious allegations there could be a formal disciplinary proceeding that may lead to public censure, suspension of the attorney's license, or disbarment.


Pascrell's complaint against Giuliani, however, may be dead on arrival for being sent to the wrong court. It was addressed to the State of New York Grievance Committee for the Second, Eleventh, and Thirteenth Judicial Districts, which are part of the New York Supreme Court Appellate Division for the Second Judicial Department. Those districts cover Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. When contacted by Fox News, the court said that because Giuliani's law practice is located in Manhattan, any complaint should have been filed with the First Department.

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