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Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, the world’s most popular streamer, says he is taking a break from streaming and has lost his Twitch partnership after a Fortnite meltdown.

He tweeted out he was going to play Fortnite with the message “Big things are coming” before doing a two hour stream on Twitch.

During the match an opponent ‘rifted’ away from him, a mechanic where you can quickly escape being eliminated.

After this Ninja quit the game, and went on a long rant to his viewers about Fortnite being unfair.

When the stream ended Ninja deleted his Twitter profile picture and changed his name to “User not found”.

He then tweeted “I just need a break… I don't know when I will be back, or where.”

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Ninja lost his Twitch partnership, which allows him to monetise his stream via subscriptions and bit donations.

It is unclear if the rant was the reason for the loss of his partnership.

As some have pointed out, his contract with Twitch ended in August.

Ninja said on the stream that the rift was not the cause of his meltdown, but it was the last straw for him streaming Fortnite.

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There have been contractual issues between Twitch, the world’s largest streaming platform, and Ninja in the past.

Competitor Mixer reportedly paid the streamer between $20-$50million (£17-£45million) to stream exclusively on its platform for multiple years.

However after one year, Mixer was absorbed by Facebook Gaming.

This meant that Ninja was released from the contract. He then decided to return to Twitch.

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The current most popular competitor to Twitch is YouTube Gaming, where people believe Ninja will stream on after his break.

This is because of the “where” he posted in his tweet, suggesting he is looking at other streaming options.

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