New Netflix feature binge-watch shows FASTER by speeding up the video

NETFLIX has added new controls that let users speed up or slow down the pace of their favourite shows.

The feature is currently avaliable for Android users who now have the option to watch at 1.25x or 1.5x speeds.

If you'd rather slow things down there are also 0.5x or 0.75x speed options.

The slower speeds have been praised by the National Association of the Deaf and the National Federation of the Blind.

This because the feature will give people more time to read captions and listen to the audio.

Netflix has also said it could be useful for people watching films in a different language and requiring captions.

The streaming platform said in a blogpost: "More than 80% of members use subtitles or closed captions  at least once a month, with many of them reporting that they use dubs and subtitles to learn new languages.

"In the last two years, US viewing of non-English titles has increased by 33%."

Although the feature is being trialled on Android phones, Netflix has plans to roll out "on iOS and the Web".

You'll need to manually change the speed options every time you watch a new show if you want to use this feature.

Netflix said: "We have capped the range of playback speeds and require members to vary the speed each time they watch something new – versus fixing their settings based on the last speed they used.

"It’s also worth noting that extensive surveys of members across several countries who watched the same titles with or without the feature showed it didn’t impact their perceptions of the content’s quality."

It's not clear when the feature will be rolled out further.

Use Netflix on a computer or laptop? Try these useful shortcuts

Here are some handy keyboard shortcuts…

  • Spacebar – toggle play / pause
  • Enter – toggle play / pause
  • F – full screen
  • Esc – exit full screen
  • Left Arrow – rewind 10 seconds
  • Right Arrow – fast-forward 10 seconds
  • Up arrow – volume up
  • Down arrow – volume down
  • M – mute toggle
  • Shift-Alt-Left Click – adjust the streaming bitrate (to improve or reduce the quality of the video)

In other news, Netflix lovers are being warned about a new email scam claiming to offer a year's free subscription to the service.

The streaming platform is also trialling a 'shuffle' button that chooses something to watch for indecisive viewers.

And, Snapchat is testing a new explore feature that could make it a lot more similar to TikTok.

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