New Ford Focus ST can be serious fun and flexibility while under £30,000

“DON’T stop on my account”, you shout, as you pull up at footie training in your new ride.

But they have stopped. No one is kicking a ball. No one is being de-kegged. No one is saying a word.

Then, suddenly, the place erupts into applause.

They love the Focus ST. We all do.

Ford has confirmed the new ST will be powered by a 280hp 2.3-litre turbo petrol with electronic limited-slip differential, rev-matching, trick suspension, Sport and Track modes, and anti-lag.

Spicy, then, with a sub-six second sprint from 0-62mph. But yet sensible as it can also play the role of family taxi.

There will be hatch and estate versions, as well as the option of six-speed manual or seven-speed auto, and diesel, when it hits the road this summer.

There’s even wifi for TEN devices.

Of course, the Focus ST is what I’d call a medium-hot hatch. The RS coming next year is your habanero hot hatch.

That’ll be 4WD and 400hp and more expensive.

But for serious fun and flexibility under £30,000, it’s this or a Hyundai i30N.

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