Netflix fans reveal what dreaded account sharing ban alert looks like – and people are threatening to QUIT | The Sun

THE dreaded Netflix account sharing ban has officially begun in the UK and US – with users already receiving warnings on their TV.

The streamer warned customers earlier this week that it’s long-awaited password clampdown would come into effect on 24 May. 

If you are one of the many watching Netflix where you are not the primary account holder, this is what to expect next time you open the app on your telly:

“Netflix is meant for you and the people you live with," the message reads.

“You can easily watch Netflix on any of your devices – whoever you go.

“We’ll help you confirm that this TV is part of your Netflix Household.”


Netflix account sharing costs the SAME as a basic subscription – should you switch?

Thousands could lose access to Netflix if sharing through Sky, Virgin or BT

It certainly helps put a stop to anonymous freeloaders.

Although there were ways to do this effectively before pushing sharers with permission off the service.

It’s been a controversial move, to say the least.

Many have taken to social media vowing to cancel their subscription, while searches for 'cancel Netflix account' rocketed nearly 3000 per cent yesterday alone, according to Google Trends.

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“#CancelNetflix is trending well today,” a former customer wrote on Twitter.

“The ONLY reason I paid for top tier was to share with my out-of-household kids. 

“Now I save (and Netflix loses) $13 downgrading to the basic package and I see many others doing the same. 

“Sound business sense, Netflix. Watch the share price.”

Those who have been customers of Netflix for many years are reminiscent of when the company went viral in 2017 for tweeting: “Love is sharing a password.”

The company's attitude has clearly changed.

Although it maintains that the move is to help it fund more original shows and movies.

Another user wrote on the platform: “They waited for the criticism to die down and then did exactly what they said they wouldn’t do lol. 

“Now you have to verify your household.”

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