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Critics had some fun at the expense of NBC News over dumbfounded “experts” who struggle to explain why red states with lifted COVID restrictions have seen a decrease in virus cases versus blue states with restrictions still in place. 

In a segment that aired on Thursday morning’s “Today” show, NBC News correspondent Sam Brock began by calling it a “COVID conundrum,” pointing out how states with the “strictest measures” like New York, Michigan, and Pennsylvania have “cases on the rise” while states that have reopened like Texas and Arkansas “are seeing their numbers drop.”

“So what might explain the apparent contradiction?” Brock asked. “One theory: differences in testing rates.”

Brock spoke with infectious disease expert Dr. Aileen Marty, who said a lack of testing in states like Alabama, which has also seen a fallen rate of cases, was creating “a false sense of what the real problem is in your community.”

The correspondent then floated “COVID fatigue” as a possible answer to the “‘state’ of confusion,” citing Houston Methodist Hospital medical director Dr. Neil Gandhi, who suggested that people in states like Texas have “already been exposed” to the virus so they may have “anti-bodies.”

The final theory, according to Brock, is that “young people” were “acting as carriers” traveling from places like Florida and spreading the virus to other states. 

“Bottom line: Health experts say that the falling figures in the South might be giving a false sense of security,” Brock said.  

NBC News was panned for tweeting out how blue states seeing surges of cases with “stricter rules” were having “experts scratching their heads.”

“Experts dumbfounded about the experts’ doomsday predictions falling short,” Daily Caller’s Logan Hall reacted. 

“You can draw a straight line from the media’s bewilderment at all of this to the Governors they made into folk heroes over the past year,” conservative commentator Stephen Miller said.

“At what point do we stop calling them experts?” Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon asked. 

“Yet for the past year, you called lockdown skeptics ‘grandma killers,'” Ricochet editor-in-chief Jon Gabriel told NBC News. 

“LMAO,” Mediaite senior columnist John Ziegler exclaimed. “‘Experts scratching their heads…’ Because the ‘experts’ (who have been constantly wrong) are deeply invested in the fairytale of long-term lockdown/mask effectiveness!”


“The only people scratching their heads about that are morons. Lockdowns made people sicker and poorer and prolonged the duration and severity of the pandemic,” The Federalist co-founder Sean Davis wrote. 

“Just as a matter of basic English, they’re not ‘experts’ if they’re clueless,” Grabien Media founder Tom Elliott quipped.

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