National Grid announces another chance to slash energy bills

Adam Scorer calls for 'targeted financial support' on energy bills

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The National Grid has just confirmed that another live Demand Flexibility Service (DFS) event will take place tomorrow, as well as tonight. This is an initiative designed to avoid blackouts and reduce the pressure on energy suppliers by incentivising people to reduce their usage during certain hours. It has been confirmed by the National Grid that this scheme will run between 4.30pm to 6pm tomorrow on January 24, 2022

Households on average usage are currently experiencing a 27 percent hike to their energy bills even with the Government’s price guarantee in place.

With inflation still at a 40-year high, families are facing unprecedented financial pressure during the cost of living crisis with the National Grid scheme offering much-needed relief to those eligible.

Yesterday, it was confirmed that the Demand Flexibility Service will be made available to households today on January 22, 2022 between 5pm and 6pm.

Households whose energy supplier is part of this energy scheme and have a smart meter installed in their home may be able to take part – although not everyone can.

According to the National Grid’s ESO website, the service stated: “If you have signed up to take part in the DFS scheme your electricity provider will contact you before a demonstration test or live event and ask if you want to participate in the following day’s event.”

Earlier last year, the energy regulator Ofgem approved the energy scheme running from November 3, 2022 to March 31, 2023.

Through the Demand Flexibility Service, households and businesses can be paid to reduce or move their electricity usage out of peak hours after getting a signal from National Grid ESO.

The BBC reports that households can save anywhere between a couple of pounds to £20 during one of these events.

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