Murder victims at country club in Atlanta area suburb identified: 'The club is still in shock'

Murder victims at country club near Atlanta identified: ‘The club is still in shock’

Pinetree Country Club member speaks about Gene Siller, golf pro who was killed at country club

A manhunt is still underway for an armed and dangerous suspect after a weekend shooting at an Atlanta area country club that killed three men, including the director of the golf course.

“The club is still in shock here,” Brian Katrek, a member of Pinetree Country Club, located in a suburb near Atlanta, told “America’s Newsroom.”

On July 3, the suspect had driven the truck onto the green of the 10th hole of the Pinetree Country Club in Cobb County and was confronted by Gene Siller, according to Atlanta’s FOX 5. That’s when the suspect shot Siller in the head, killing him, the station reported.

“There is really not much that I can add other than topographically, if you take a look at the hole that was involved, there was a golf hole involved. I don’t think anybody that is looking at this from the outside feels like the perpetrator knew there was a golf hole involved,” Katrek said. “There was a pond down there. I am sure the police are looking at that. It looks like a good place to ditch a truck that may have some incriminating evidence.”

It was unclear how soon afterward law enforcement officers located the truck, but Cobb County police said Sunday night that two men were found dead in the back of the vehicle, FOX 5 reported.

One victim was identified as Paul Pierson, owner of the truck, while the other man has not yet identified, authorities told FOX 5.

Both victims had suffered gunshot wounds, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

The suspect was described as 6-foot-1 with long hair, wearing a white or light-colored shirt and dark work pants, the newspaper reported.

Siller had a wife and two young children, the station reported. On Sunday, PGA of America President Jim Richerson posted a statement of condolence on Twitter.

Katrek described Siller as “the consummate PGA professional.”

“You know what that means. It’s hospitality. He is the guy with a smile on his face,” Katrek said. 

“You walk into the golf shop from your busy day at work or a tough day on the course, and you’re looking to get away. You need a guy with a smile on his face that is willing to do whatever he can to roll out the red carpet for you to make your day better, and that is what Gene was,” Katrek reflected. “He was perfect at it, whether it was to give you a lesson or to give one of your kids a lesson or just to let you bend his ear for a couple of minutes. You can vent about things or talk about politics. He is going to sit there and listen and have a smile on his face. If you need a sweet tea, he will run and get it for you. We lost a good one.”

Fox News’ Dom Calicchio contributed to this report.

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