Mum’s top money tips after buying £40 worth of food for just £1.40

Money saving tips: Man shares one simple trick to save cash

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Yellow stickers are used by supermarkets to notify customers about food which has been reduced as it is approaching its sell by date. The majority of the UK’s supermarket chains use this cost-cutting promotional tool, including Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s. One woman has spoken about the significant savings she has made on her food shop through yellow sticker hunting.

Lucy Robinson, 31, from Bradford is regularly on the lookout for bargains on her supermarket shop.

Last week, the mum-of-three bought three whole chickens, a pack of pork chops, two chicken jalfrezis and a cut of roast beef for less than £1.50 thanks to yellow stickers.

With the cost of living crisis raising supermarket prices, Ms Robinson is encouraging families to turn to yellow label hunting to save money.

Notably, she is sharing how people can freeze their yellow sticker food items to beat the expiry date on the label.

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The Bradford local said: “I’ve been yellow label shopping for a while. Just the other week I got an entire shoulder of beef for £4 – it was 70 percent off.

“I’ve actually made it into a sort of game with my kids too, they all go off and try and find the cheapest items in the shop.”

Currently, Ms Robinson is studying to be a mental health worker and is living on Universal Credit payments £334.91 per month.

She split from her husband in January 2020 and takes care of her three children, who are aged between 4 and 14, every weekend and during holidays.

When looking after her children, the 31-year old student is turns finding deals into a game to entertain them.

Ms Robinson added: “I normally don’t need to spend more than £20 on my weekly shop.

“Asking in local stores if they have any food on sale is also good. They don’t often have much on sale – but sometimes you get lucky.

“Usually smaller stores have higher prices, but sometimes you get lucky and they have too much stock – so they normally put expensive items on sale for low prices.

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“Another trick is I never buy veg in packets – it’s always cheaper to buy it as loose items, like three onions in a packet can be 20p more expensive, or more.”

While the savvy shopper acknowledged that local shops are hit or miss with their product offering, she believes there are still deals out there for families.

One of her best hauls of £40 worth of food for £1.40 was purchased in a local McColl’s September 11, 2022.

“Before I found this latest haul my fridge had been virtually empty all week except for a jar of ham, so this was such a lucky find,” she said.

“I’m not in work at the moment while I study health and social care, because I want to help support people with mental health difficulties.

“I have three kids, and while they normally live their father, it means I have to find budget deals in the shops to feed them while they are staying over.

“It’s especially important too with the cost of living crisis – I’m always struggling with money while I’m out of work, so finding cheap deals keeps me going.

“I thankfully have an all-electric flat, so I’m not being affected by rising fuel costs, but budget shopping does help.”

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