Mum lives on £10 a week food budget – read her simple money-saving tips

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Nicola, who runs The Frugal Cottage, aims to show fans how to live “the good life” on a budget. The award-winning personal finance blogger lives in the North of England with her husband and two sons.

She focuses on making savings where possible with the ambition to pay off her mortgage.

She saves money by keeping a close eye on her groceries budget.

So, how can you stick to a £10 a week groceries budget?

Nicola told the secret is: “Writing a meal plan and sticking to a list.”

The saving expert went on: “It wasn’t easy but the process shows what is possible when it’s absolutely necessary.

“I did have to get slightly more creative with meals as things began to run out during the week.”

In her video, How to Eat for £10 a Week, Nicola detailed what she bought for £10 a week.

The saving expert did her shopping in Morrisons.

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£10 a week shopping list

  • Loaf of bread – 49p
  • Teabags – 55p
  • A small bottle of milk – 50p
  • Head of broccoli – 49p
  • Jar of curry sauce – 28p
  • Strawberry jam – 28p
  • Baking potato – 21p
  • Carrot – 3p
  • Milk chocolate digestives – 45p
  • Plum tomatoes – 28p
  • Tin of veg soup – 24p
  • Small tin baked beans – 24p
  • Tin of garden peas – 21p
  • Tin of creamed rice pudding – 20p
  • Tin of peach slices – 35p
  • Tin of chickpeas – 35p
  • Three bananas – 28p
  • Long grain rice (1kg bag) – 45p
  • 15 free range eggs – £1.20
  • 12 chicken drumsticks – £1.49

Total cost: £8.78

She planned on having toast and jam or rice pudding and jam with a cup of tea for breakfasts.

Then for lunches she planned to have scrambled egg on toast with a banana, soup and bread, jacket potato and beans or boiled eggs with toast.

For her evening meals, she would use the chicken drumsticks for lots of meals. She aimed to have chicken drumsticks, rice and broccoli, a veggie curry and then a mix of leftovers for the last day.

She said: “I’m hoping there will be some chicken and eggs left for some fried rice with chicken.”

She revisited the challenge in a later video. She said: “I think I’m going to do this again at another supermarket and look how prices vary.”

“I definitely would think about the rice aspect, I did get really bored of rice.

“But I did enjoy the challenge. It really makes you think about just how the little extras you have or add into things do make a difference when you are cooking.”

You can follow Nicola’s money saving journey on her Instagram and her Youtube.

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