MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle sounds alarm on potential 'red wave' in 2022

Media top headlines July 13

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith admitting he ‘screwed up’ on his Shohei Ohtani comments, reporters and Democrats blaming US embargo for protests in Cuba, and an MSNBC host claiming ‘there’s a lot’ national Democrats can learn from fleeing Texas Democrats round out today’s headlines

MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle offered a dire warning to Democrats ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. 

“We are more than a year out from the midterms and Democrats are already facing an uphill climb,” Ruhle began a segment on Tuesday. “President Biden just met with Eric Adams, New York City’s Democratic nominee for mayor after he ran a tough-on-crime campaign. It comes as cities across the country are grappling with a serious surge in violent crime.”

She continued, “Now Republicans, like former President Trump are seizing on that and trying to tie Democrats and their ‘defund the police’ messaging to heading into next claiming that messaging is the reason for the spike in crime. It’s very bad news for Democrats with a razor-thin House majority and a tie in the Senate.”

Ruhle invited on political scientist Rachel Bitecofer, who she noted correctly predicted a “blue wave” in 2018 and is now “sounding the alarm” about a red one next year. 

“If Democrats do not fight back, what are the odds of a red wave?” Ruhle asked. 

“They’re excellent,” Bitecofer responded. 

Bitecofer cited the “midterm effect” in which the opposing party of a sitting president takes over Congress, something suggests puts Republicans in a “good position.”

Ruhle later offered a back-handed compliment to Republicans, saying they’re good at “branding” “irrelevant of what the truth is.”

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