Mrs Hinch fan shares 50p cleaning hack to get rid of dust and dirt

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Mrs Hinch is the Instagram cleaning sensation who rose to fame after posting cleaning tips and tricks online. More recently, her fans have set up Facebook pages to share their own finds with one another. Posting on the Mrs Hinch Facebook group, one cleaning fanatic wrote: “Cleaning hack on dusty light shades!”

The woman then shared a video of her cleaning her lampshade with a lint roller.

Lamps often attract a huge amount of dust and it can be hard to remove with a normal duster.

A lint roller is a great way to remove dust and dirt from most fabrics including clothing, upholstery and linen.

Pet owners often use them often to remove pet fur that has built up around the home.

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The tool can be picked up in most retailers but B&M are currently selling a three pack of just £2.99.

Others have found them in shops like Home Bargains and Wilko for as little as 50p.

The video shows the Mrs Hinch fan moving her lamp around in a circular motion whilst the lint roller picks up all of the dust that has become stuck to it.

She is also gently holding the lamp in place to make sure that it does not fall over or break.

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Hundreds of cleaning fanatics rushed to the comments to share their thoughts on the hack.

One person wrote: “Brilliant, I was only thinking last week there must be a better way to do these.”

Another commented: “Never realised that! Years struggled with it. Thanks for the top tip.”

“Great idea, thank you so much, I’m going to do this now,” another cleaning fan wrote.

Another Mrs Hinch fan explained how this was a great hack but if anyone had any ideas on how to freshen up old lamp shades.

They asked: “Can anyone suggest ways of washing lampshades white need freshening up.”

Someone replied: “I take mine off and soak them in the bath with washing powder.”

Another person explained: “OMG you can’t wet some of them so be careful depending on what you have.”

One Mrs Hinch fan shared how she usually hoovers her lamps with a hoover attachment and then sprays them with diluted Zoflora.

Using Zoflora on the lamps will not only freshen them up and leave them with a nice smell, it will also disinfect them.

This is usually a tip that people overlook but disinfecting your lamps is actually very important, especially the ones on your bedside table.

It can help keep germs and bacteria away as well as leaving a sweet smelling fragrance in your room.

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