Mrs Hinch fan shares £1 window cleaning hack to remove smears and streaks

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Mrs Hinch rose to fame after she started to post cleaning hacks online. Now with nearly four million Instagram followers, the cleaning fanatic inspires millions to clean their homes. Fans now have dedicated Mrs Hinch social media pages where they share their own cleaning finds with one another.

Posting on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, one fan shared how she managed to clean her windows with ease using an unusual product.

She wrote: “Tried the tea bag trick today!! Oh my, it’s amazing it’s made my life so much easier now for work.”

The woman then shared before and after photos of her windows.

The before photo showed dirty windows which had a lot of dirt built up on them as well as being extremely smeary and hard to see through.

After photos showed doors and windows that were spotless, and so clean she could see her reflection in them.

Fans were quick to rush to the comments to find out more about the unusual hack.

One person wrote: “A tea bag cleaning hack? Not the first thing that comes to mind when I want to clean my windows but I’ll have to try it, results look amazing.”

Another said: “How on earth does this work then, what tea bags did you use?”

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The woman explained that all she did was infuse a teabag in hot water and left it to cool for five minutes.

She then transferred the liquid to a trigger spray bottle and left it to cool completely.

The cleaning fanatic then shared how she sprayed it onto her windows and wiped it down with a kitchen towel.

She also posted a photo of the teabags she used and explained how any teabag will create the same effect, but it must be a tea bag rather than loose leaves. 

One fan commented: “Cleaned mine today, amazing streak-free results!”

“I tried it today swell can’t believe how easy it was,” a third asked.

Some questioned the hack and were left wondering if the tea bag would leave a smell in their homes.

One Mrs Hinch fan replied to the comment and said that this happened to her and for it to stop happening, she adds a small amount of washing up liquid to the mixture.

Another person explained how a small cap of fabric conditioner will also work to alleviate the teabag smell. 

Other comments suggested using Zoflora, which is a concentrated disinfectant that must be diluted in water before using.

The cleaning fan who shared the original post also explained how sometimes she uses her Minky Microfibre Duster Cloth which produced the same results, it may also be more eco-friendly and cost-friendly to use a reusable cloth.

The Minky cloth can be picked up for around £2 and is used by cleaning guru Mrs Hinch herself to clean her Essex home. 

It is made from high-density microfibre to leave surfaces smear-free and sparkling clean.

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