‘Most popular’ interior trends that can add £330,000 to your home’s value

Georgina Burnett shares the top interior design colour for 2022

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With house prices rising, many homeowners have spent the last two years updating their property in hopes of adding value to their homes. Even minor renovation work can add hundreds, if not thousands of pounds to the value of a property. For those planning to sell their homes in the near future updating interior decor might be the way to go.

Co-founder and creative director of The French Bedroom Company, Georgia Metcalfe, delved into the most searched for interior styles for 2022 so far and teamed up with property expert Bruna Pani of We Buy Any House to highlight which trends will add the most value to a house on the UK market.

Georgia said: “Using search volume data and our own insights into interior design trends for 2022, I found that royalcore, Scandinavian and mid-century modern are currently the most popular interior styles. 

“I thought that it would be interesting to see whether incorporating these stand-out trends in the home could actually lead to increased property value.”

Zoopla and Rightmove were used to determine the average UK house price (£268,349), and then royalcore, Scandinavian and mid-century modern style homes were analysed to calculate the difference in value.

Below are interior trends that can add up to £33,000 to the value of a property.

Mid-century modern

Mid-century modern homes are selling for £330,000 more than the average UK house. 

Mid-century modern interiors combine early 20th century modernism with shapes and colours of the 60s and 70s. 

Georgia said: “Defined by clean lines, organic forms and high functionality, the style has timeless appeal. 

“It’s similar to Scandinavian in its structure but there is an opportunity to experiment more with bright colours and patterns with mid-century rooms.”

Bruna explained how these designs add the most value to a home.

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She said: “In terms of adding value to the property, mid-century modern designs are said to be the design style that can incorporate the most value to your home.”

Georgia explained how to master this style.

She said: “To master this style, think about how you are going to incorporate a minimalist and clean aesthetic and emphasise dynamic and angular structures through your furniture. 

“In the bedroom, opt for a rattan bed to create a 70’s aesthetic. 

“In the lounge, pick out an oversized L-shaped sofa in a statement colour such as blush pink or forest green.”


Scandinavian style homes are currently sold for £304,224 more than the average UK house. 

Scandinavian style is all about stripping back. 

Georgia commented: “Simple yet stunning – Scandinavian style interiors are perfect for manipulating space in a room and creating a serene and peaceful sanctuary to relax in.”

Bruna said how last year property website Zoopla determined that Scandinavian inspired homes were valued at £304,224 more than the average UK house price.

To style this trend Georgia said that homeowners should “focus on earthy neutrals and muted tones when choosing your Scandinavian colour scheme”.

She added: “Layer your seating areas with taupe and beige throws and cushions and pair with wooden coffee tables to complete the laid-back look.”


The research found homes with significant royalcore features and styling are valued at £231,641 more than the average UK house. 

This style is about eccentric design, rich colour, and texture as well as intricate and elaborate detailing. 

Georgia commented: “It is no surprise that royalcore is still hugely popular when it comes to redecorating. 

“Netflix shows that were a real catalyst for these trends such as Bridgerton and The Crown are all set to return early this year, and I only expect to see even more opulent and luxurious interior design in the coming months.”

Bruna explained how she expects a rise in this interior trend.

She said: “Regencycore has had a 1380 percent search increase over the past year, and this is only expected to continue rising.”

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