‘Most obvious way’ to add value to your home while saving up to £580 a year on bills

Phil Spencer advice on improving your kitchen and bathroom

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With the housing market still booming across the nation, many Britons are looking to add value to their homes. Now, interior designer Kate Watson Smyth, founder of Mad About The House, has shared her simple tips for adding value to a property. Kate said the “most obvious way” to add value is by adding space.

She told Express.co.uk: “An ensuite bathroom or converting a loft [will add value], but there are other, cheaper ways to do it as well.

“As well as making sure your garden is well-maintained and your paintwork is fresh, you can add a surprising amount of value by upgrading your boiler.”

Kate has worked alongside British Gas to help homeowners add value while saving money on their energy bills.

The interior expert said homeowners could save up t £580 a year if they upgrade their boilers.

She said: “Switching from a G-rated to a modern A-rated boiler has the potential to save up to £580 a year on bills and could also add up to £8,000 to the value of your home.”

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Choosing a new boiler can be tricky but the team at British Gas have shared their top tips to help homeowners buy a reliable, high-performance boiler.

ErP rating

All boilers come with an ErP rating which helps customers understand the efficiency of the boiler.

The highest rating is A and the lowest rating is G.

A-rated boilers are more likely to save homeowners money on energy bills because they’re more efficient.


The power of a boiler is another important specification that customers need to be aware of.

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The power of a boiler will be shown in kilowatts (kW) and will determine how much hot water and heating can be supplied to the home.

The more powerful the boiler, the more heat and hot water it can provide.

Larger homes with multiple bathrooms and rooms will benefit from a more powerful boiler.


The Government is considering plans to blend 20 percent hydrogen into the gas grid to lower the country’s carbon footprint.

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When purchasing a new boiler, homeowners should ensure it is hydrogen-blend ready.

These models mean homeowners can continue to use natural gas until hydrogen gas boilers are available, with minimal disruption to home heating.


A new boiler can cost thousands of pounds so it’s important it’s installed correctly.

Ensure the new model is installed by an expert engineer.

Kate Watson Smyth said: “If your boiler has ever stopped working you will know that it’s always on the coldest or wettest day of the year.

“Mine once broke on a Friday in December when it was snowing as my mother-in-law arrived for the weekend.

“The boiler is the unsung hero of our homes working quietly in the background and a new, efficient one is one of the best ways to add value to your home.

“If you’ve spent all that time and money creating a beautiful bathroom or a fabulous kitchen the last thing you want is an inefficient boiler making it impossible to enjoy those rooms.

“It might be an extra outlay but it’s a worthwhile investment as it will save you money, and energy, in the long run.”

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