‘Most effective deterrents’ to get rid of moths and ‘stop them from laying eggs’

For some households, moth season could show itself as a misshapen hole in jumpers, or the holes in socks.

Yes, moths are notorious for destroying clothes, particularly those in long-term storage. 

Moths can also cause havoc with carpets, curtains and any other fabric they can find which contains wool, fur, down and any other animal-based materials.  

The most annoying thing about these pests aside from the expensive damage they can cause, is that these insects can be difficult to eliminate.

To make the task a little easier, Daniel Steward of Shield Pest Control has shared how to make sure moths don’t become a problem in homes.

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The expert claimed that the “best way” of making sure moths “don’t become a problem” is to prevent them from coming into the home in the first place. 

To do this, Daniel recommends closing windows once it starts to get dark and washing clothes before they’re stored in vacuum-packed bags. 

Households should also clean surfaces with soap and water and regularly vacuum any cracks and dark corners that are good places for moths to lay eggs. 

For moths who have already made it into homes, the pest control pro have suggested two of the most effective scents to deter them.

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Daniel said: “Essential oils such as lavender and cedar can help to stop them from laying eggs.

“These essential oils can also be the most effective deterrents if they’re used in drawers and wardrobes.”

For those struggling with a really bad moth infestation, the “quickest and most efficient way” of dealing with it is to call in the experts before it gets out of control and soft furnishings are ruined. 

Shield Pest Control deals with moth infestation by using safe and effective insecticides placing them in drawers, wardrobes, roof spaces, and any other affected area.

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Daniel also shared a few ways to stop mice from entering homes. As mice are very nimble, can squeeze through tiny holes and survive without much food in confined spaces, the expert suggested that a “good place to start mouse-proofing your home” is by filling all external gaps that are more than a quarter of an inch wide. Daniel said: “These nimble little creatures can squeeze through holes the width of a pencil. 

“Use concrete or metal to fill the holes so that they can’t be gnawed or chewed through. 

“Store their favourite foods such as grains and meat products in air-tight, glass, or metal containers to prevent the mice from helping themselves.”

 It’s important to tackle mouse guests quickly because they “breed and increase in number rapidly”. Their gestation period is just 19 to 21 days and mice can reproduce from about five weeks old.

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