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EMOJIS are a great way to make your texts and replies more engaging, but they can also have meanings you may not be aware of.

So what do the monkey emojis mean and how are they used? Here's all you need to know.

See no evil monkey

Social media users employ emojis, shorthand and texting-style abbreviations to ensure their posts and comments are direct and to the point.

Though, if you're not a regular on social media, you may find yourself stumped by the meaning of certain emojis from to time.

Heart emojis have different interpretations depending of which colour is used, and you can express quite a lot online using just these small images.

The "see no evil" monkey is a pretty common one, and depicts a monkey with its hands over its eyes.


It's thought to be part of a trio of monkey emojis representing the three parts of the proverb, "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil".


Choosing to use this emoji can therefore mean choosing not to look at a bad situation.


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However, very often it's used to express embarrassment, or make light of mistake.

Hear no evil monkey

The second of the three monkey emojis has its hands over its ears.


It's thought to represent the "hear no evil" part of the proverb.


These emojis can be used in any number of contexts, and it's up to you how you choose to use them.

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However, this one is commonly used to represent avoiding hearing bad news.

Speak no evil monkey

The third of the three is covering its mouth.


It's thought to represent the "speak no evil" part of the proverb.


This one is used when people are suggesting they're unable to talk about something, or have said something that they weren't supposed to.

It could also mean that someone has a secret and they are refusing to speak about it.

Monkey emoji

There is also an emoji depicting just a monkey that isn't doing any gestures, and it can be used in any number of situations.


This emoji is commonly used to represent playfulness or naughtiness.

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This emoji is a commonly used when people are showing that they're being light-hearted and fun.

Using the emoji, people are able to make clear that the tone of their message is intended to be playful rather than serious.

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