‘Money well spent’: Mrs Hinch fans share how to prevent clothes getting mouldy in wardrobe

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Influencer Mrs Hinch became an Instagram sensation after she started sharing her cleaning tips and tricks on social media. Now, fans of the cleaning guru share their own hacks and recommendations on Facebook groups. Mrs Hinch fan Lucy Cheshire asked for advice on one of the groups.

She said: “I am quite embarrassed so please don’t judge. But we have a mould issue in our flat.

“We live in a flat which has no ventilation (only one window out of five opens in our living/kitchen space, and one small window per bedroom, and the other windows don’t have vents). The mould on windows I know is due to the condensation etc, however, we are getting mould on our clothes in our wardrobes, on random things in our bedrooms – shoes on the floor, furniture etc.

“We make sure the heating is on for a few hours a couple times a day etc. Is there anything else I can do? When we think we have got rid of it we find it somewhere else!!”

Cleaning enthusiast and Mrs Hinch fan Kathy Young recommended using “a dehumidifier”.

She said: “I recently bought a dehumidifier. Now three and a half litres are being extracted daily from my 130-year-old house, no more condensation on the windows, air quality definitely much better.”

Another group user, Jen Gardiner, said: “You potentially need a dehumidifier too. You can buy them and cost depends on size.

“But, you’ll need to find the root cause of the damp and get it repaired.”

Cleaning enthusiast Katie Goff agreed: “100 percent a dehumidifier.

“I have one I use in the hallway as last winter the porch windows were soaking in the morning. I fill a whole tank per day. Also helps with drying clothes faster. No damp problems since using it. It was around £110 but definitely, money well spent.”

Facebook user Gaynor Bowen recommended small dehumidifiers, also called moisture absorber devices, which can be found on Amazon for less than £10.

She said: “The Range do bags that you can hang in wardrobes, the amount of water they collect is unbelievable and they do small dehumidifiers that are inexpensive and really good.

“They don’t solve problem but they help.”

Another one named Lesley Bling agreed: “Definitely need a dehumidifier they really work I get litres of water when I use mine.”

Cheryl Jessi Kelly also shared her advice to get rid of the mould in the wardrobe: “Clean all air vents or filters.

“E.g. heater, wall vents, bathroom fan, kitchen.

“Then get rid of the mould by washing everything: the walls, clothes… everything. And add white vinegar to the washing water, and it will stop the mould.

“The smell goes away when completely dry or you can use bicarbonate of soda to help absorb the odour.

“Then get a dehumidifier and have it running all the time especially after showering or if you dry washing inside.

“If you don’t clean the mould first it will get in the dehumidifier and wreck it.

“I know from personal experience it is almost impossible to remove mould from a dehumidifier and they will just spread it everywhere again,” she said.

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