Money saving tips: Man shares how he saves hundreds of pounds

Marcus Ahmad, 59, said he loves buying clothes but doesn’t always love the price tag when it comes to designer items. However, the photographer has found a way to enjoy clothes shopping while also saving money and helping the environment.

As the cost of living crisis continues to hit people’s pockets, Britons will be looking for ways to spend less this year.

No doubt, clothes shopping will take a hit as people’s budgets are squeezed to the max.

Bristol photographer Marcus Ahmad said he makes savings on the best brands by shopping out of season.

He told “My top tip for eBay is to buy your clothes out of season.”

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Mr Ahmad explained: “I bought these shorts back in January or February – they were going for £1 – of course nobody was bidding for them.

“I put on the lowest bid and lo and behold I got them – so there’s my summer collection all done at £1 a go and these are designer labels.”

In total, the Bristol resident paid £7 for seven pairs of designer shorts – worth £150 – by purchasing them out of season.

He adopts the same methods when buying his winter wardrobe but says while shopping out of season works with eBay it’s not usually possible to do in the shops.

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Other Bristol residents have been sharing how they have been saving money during the cost of living crisis.

A single mum from Bristol has told how she saves £250 a month with one simple change to her spending habits.

Sharon Lowick, a 52-year-old business owner is curbing her spending and making savings by leaving her debit card at home and only paying for things she needs with cash.

The owner of Frankie Loves Ava in Bristol, said it has saved her around £250 per month.

Ms Lowick told “My best money saving tip at the moment, and forever I reckon, is to stop taking my card out and start using good old-fashioned cash.

“I only buy what I need so it’s really helping me – I’ve saved so much money and I’d definitely recommend it.”

When it comes to savingmoney, it’s the older generation which often has a few tried and tested ideas that others could learn from.

One Bristol Pensioner’s traditional money saving tip could save people £1,000.

Sandra Smith, 75, told that she has always been frugal but is now having to think up new ways to save money.

Ms Smith said: “I was quite frugal before all this so I’m just trying to be more frugal.

“I’m quite good with cooking and buying in and not wasting food.

“I’m a great believer in that. They waste too much food today. I cook all my own food for a few days and I don’t mind eating leftovers.”

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