Mind-blowing iPhone trick lets you copy ANY text with your camera – including signs, menus and newspapers

YOUR iPhone is loaded with a handy tool that allows you to quickly load the content of a menu or newspaper onto your mobile instantly.

Called "Live Text", the tool was recently rolled out worldwide with the release of iOS 15, the latest version of the iPhone operating system.

What is Live Text?

Live Text allows you to point your iPhone camera at a real world object and quickly copy and paste text on it onto your handset.

It could help you capture notes on a whiteboard at the end of a meeting or school class, or copy down a handwritten note of a family recipe.

It works through the camera app and utilises high-tech artificial intelligence to recognise and scan text in a variety of lighting conditions.

"Today our photos are full of rich and useful information, from photos of places we visit to handwritten notes of family recipes," Apple said when announcing the feature at its WWDC event in June.

"Live Text unlocks this information in a way that's really natural."

How to use Live Text

To use the tool, you'll need to iOS 15, which is available now to anyone with an iPhone 6S or later, as well as the 7th generation iPod touch.

You can read our guide on how to install iOS 15 below.

Once that's sorted, grab an object with text you want to scan and open the Camera app on your iPhone.

Point the camera at the object and then tap the indicator that appears in the lower right of your display. It looks like lines of text surrounded by a box.

When you tap it, the text jumps out on your display and you're given the option, to copy, select, looks up, translate or share it.

You can copy and paste it into an email or Note, for instance, or share it with a friend over WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

You can also use Live Text on photos already in your photo library.

Simply open a photo in the gallery app and tap and hold on a piece of text in the picture to select and highlight it.

What is iOS 15 and how do I get it?

Released worldwide on September 20, 2021, iOS 15 is the latest and greatest version of the iPhone operating system.

The update introduced a redesigned home screen and some big changes to Apple's messaging app, iMessage.

It also includes an updated Lock Screen and a suite of new privacy and notification features.

The headline addition, however, is Focus. The tool lets users set different notification preferences depending on what they're doing.

You can use the new menu to select if you’re driving, working, sleeping or a custom status of your choosing.

You have the option to select if your phone makes a sound or not, or whether it vibrates, depending on your current status.

Focus will even notify your iMessage contacts of your status to let them know why you're not responding to their texts.

To download iOS 15, head to Settings > General > Software update.

In other news, Apple customers in the UK are facing delays of up to five weeks to receive the latest iPhones due to a shortage of key components.

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