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IPHONE users have been left mind-blown after a clever TikTok usershowed them how to scroll on their device without lifting a finger.

TikToker @bditech turned an accessibility feature into the ultimate tip for lazy scrollers.

It'll be a go to tip for social media addicts.

Or if you like to multi-task while you scroll, like knitting or snacking.

But it can also come in handy if you injure your arms or hands.

Accessibility features are designed to cater for all the different needs iPhone owners have, particularly if they have disabilities or injuries.


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But they can be repurposed.

To set this up, just follow these steps:

  • Open Settings.
  • Scroll down to Accessibility.
  • Click Voice Control.
  • Hit Customise Commands.
  • Select Create New Command.
  • Enter a speakable phrase, such as 'Next'.
  • Tap Action.
  • Next, click Run Custom Gesture – this is when you need to draw on the screen the movement you want to iPhone to do for you. In this case, follow the video and draw a line going upwards.
  • Then tap Save to keep the motion.
  • Tap on New Command in the top left hand corner to go back onto the previous page and click Save again to seal the deal on the command.
  • Head back into the Voice Control section and make sure the toggle at the top is switched on.

Now, try it out.

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Head to your the social media app of your choosing, be it Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or Reddit.

You can try it on any app, even retail and shopping apps.

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