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YOU may not realise it but WhatsApp can ban you if you break certain rules.

Most users don't even realise there are rules in the first place.

WhatsApp's terms and conditions state some of the rules that can result in you being chucked off.

To make sure you don't fall foul of them, read on below.

Using a fake version of WhatsApp

There are actually some ripoff versions of WhatsApp available for Android.

They still allow you to message your mates through WhatsApp but the app itself looks and feels a lot more different.

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GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus are among the ones we hear about most.

The thing is, WhatsApp doesn't want you using these fakes to access their service.

If experts at the firm detect that you're using a WhatsApp alternative, your account risks being banned.

Messaging too often

If you're messaging too often and getting on people's nerves, this could actually lead to a ban.

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How? Well, let's say you spam too many groups with nonsense.

If a large volume of people report you it'll raise the alarm at WhatsApp HQ.

It's at this point you could have your account restricted.

Spreading hoaxes

We all like a laugh but there are limits – and WhatsApp does not like dangerous hoaxes.

Spreading fake news and hoaxes is against the rules.

If WhatsApp catches you doing this – probably via people reporting you for it – you risk being banned.

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