Millions of Chrome users told to update now after three major safety hacks revealed | The Sun

GOOGLE Chrome users have been urged to update their internet browser – or risk missing out on new security hacks.

The tech giant brought in a trio of security updates earlier this week.

A brand new Google Chrome update was rolled out to web users on Tuesday.

Chrome 110 is a big update for the web browser, as it is the first version that is not available for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 devices.

Beyond getting new security features, users must update their now-outdated version of Google Chrome to avoid falling into any security holes.

If internet users don't update their Chrome browser the latest version, they can leave themselves and their devices open to malware.


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Malware is software that is designed to damage or gain unauthorised access to a device.

It can creep into a computer or smartphone via dodgy links and websites.

Bug fixes

Chrome 110 includes at least 15 security bug fixes, with three being highly severe security gaps.

The fixed bugs were discovered in the JavaScript V8 engine, WebRTC communications, GPU utilization, and elsewhere.

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Biometric authentication

Google has now introduced biometric authentication on supported devices.

This means Chrome users can manage passwords with the browser's own Password Manager with a fingerprint or face ID, if their device can read biometrics.

Screen Lock ID

Chrome desktop users can also get boost security by enabling support for the system's Screen Lock ID method if biometric hardware isn't available.

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