Memo Reveals Trump Campaign Knew Voting Machine Claims Were Baseless

Although Donald Trump’s camp has claimed the 2020 presidential election was riddled with fraud, a newly uncovered memo shows that his campaign knew soon after Election Day that many of his claims were baseless.

After Trump lost the election to Democrat Joe Biden, he started fomenting a bizarre conspiracy theory that Dominion Voting Services, a voting machine company, conspired with Smartmatic, a media election software firm, as well as financier George Soros and the country of Venezuela to steal the election from Trump.

However, The New York Times is reporting that a newly uncovered memo dated Nov. 14 from the Trump campaign shows that officials determined early on that all those allegations were untrue.

The memo appeared in court papers filed late last week as a motion in a defamation lawsuit brought against the campaign by former Dominion employee Eric Coomer. 

Coomer’s lawyers noted in a motion in the suit that the memo “shows that, at least internally, the Trump campaign found there was no evidence to support the conspiracy theories regarding Dominion” and its client.

The newspaper doesn’t report if Trump was aware of the memo, but it appears the Trump campaign allowed lawyers including Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani to continue spreading fake news and filing lawsuits claiming that a vast conspiracy prevented the president from being reelected.

In addition, those lies were tied directly to the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, which led to five deaths and dozens of injuries.

HuffPost reached out to Trump’s representatives and to Powell for comment, but no one immediately responded. 

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