Meet the D.C. Mayor & History-Making Single Mom Who Had ‘Black Lives Matter’ Painted by White House

While Bowser worked seven days in a row when the George Floyd protests began, she takes time out for her adopted 2-year-old, Miranda, whom the very private mayor debuted on the Today show in 2018, when her little girl was 4 months old.

“She still needs Mom to take care of her to love her and be present,” Bowser tells PEOPLE. The novel coronavirus — still spreading even as the national unrest has overlapped it as a crisis — keeps doting grandparents away. But Bowser, the first single mom to helm the capital city, downplays the stress of juggling. “There are a lot of moms out there who have a lot more to deal with than I do and less resources to do it,” she says.

Mother and toddler live near Rock Creek Park and Bowser, who never married, says she walks with close friends and talks about all that’s going on at work and at home. “I don’t do well with silos in my life,” she says. “It all blends together.” She was happy to have this Sunday off, which gave her a chance to garden and catch up on housework.

Trump did not seem to have gotten the best of her. “It’s laughable,” she says. “If you’re fighting with a mayor and you’re the president of the United States, you’re losing.”

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