Martin Lewis asks Rishi Sunak what working families who will miss £650 grant can get

Money saving expert Martin Lewis asked Chancellor Rishi Sunak how he proposes to help working families pay for soaring energy bills. In an interview on Facebook Live, he asked the Chancellor how the hard working families who are just above the threshold for benefits could survive without the extra £650 he is giving to others.

Meanwhile pensioners who qualify for the Warm Home Discount would receive an extra £300 on top.

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However Mr Lewis read out a question from a caller asking the Chancellor how the families who are just above the benefits threshold were supposed to manage.

In response, Mr Sunak said: “Most people in that situation will be getting £550 of support from the Government this year.

“They would have got £150 through the council tax rebate and another £400 in October.

“As you rightly said we should concentrate on those people who are most in need accepting that no Government – or Chancellor – can sit here and say we can solve the problem for everyone.

“I would be lying if I said I could and anyone who pretends we can is not being straight with people.”

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