Marco Rubio offers to help Black Lives Matter activists move to Cuba

BLM blames US for unrest in Cuba, praises regime

‘Outnumbered’ panel sounds off on the Black Lives Matter organization for its position on the protests in Cuba.

Sen. Marco Rubio offered to help Black Lives Matter activists move to Cuba after the organization posted a message appearing to side with the country’s communist regime instead of the anti-government protesters. 

“My office stands ready to help the leaders of the Black Lives Matter organization emigrate to #Cuba,” the Florida Republican tweeted Thursday.

On Wednesday night, Black Lives Matter issued a statement condemning the United States for its embargo of the island nation and seemingly blaming the U.S. for the unrest in the streets of Cuba that has left at least one person dead. 

Several GOP lawmakers, including Rubio, took issue with that statement and argued that Black Lives Matter was siding with communism instead of the United States.

“The extortionist ring known as the Black Lives Matter organization took a break today from shaking down corporations for millions & buying themselves mansions to share their support for the Communist regime in #Cuba,” Rubio, who is of Cuban descent, posted on social media in response to the Black Lives Matter statement.

Protests in Cuba have been raging for several days as people have turned out to express their frustration upset about living conditions on the island nation, clashing with government forces. 


President Biden said in a statement earlier this week that the United States “stands firmly” with the people of Cuba and called on the Cuban government to “hear their people and serve their needs at this vital moment.”

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