Man in tears over $20,000 gift from Undercover Boss

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A man has been given the equivalent of over £16,000 after appearing on the hit CBS’ show Undercover Boss. The employee of a large coffee chain got $20,000 (£16,078.60) from the undercover chief executive of his company.

An employee of a massive coffee chain once got $20,000 (£16,078.60) from the undercover chief executive of his company.

Travis Boersma, the co-founder and president of DutchBros, appeared on the fifth season of the hit reality television show’s eighth episode.

At the time of the broadcast, the CEO was in charge of the largest privately owned drive-through coffee shop chain in the US.

The boss went undercover posing as a reality show contestant to discover more about the people who work for him.

While visiting the company’s headquarters, Mr Boersman called in his colleague Abe to instead go undercover.

His stand-in spoke to one Dutch Bros worker about what day-to-day operations are like and how they are finding the job.

The man shared how the company has been supportive of his extracurricular activities outside of his nine-to-five.

He explained: “I started with the company about five years ago and they’re really lenient with my racing schedule.

“I race dirt bikes, so that is something I have never encountered at another job before.

“I am going to do what I think is best and right now I help my sister out. When my parents split, it just became me and her. I take care of her.”

At the time, the headquarters employee worked 40 hours a week and described his job with Dutch Bros as his “priority” despite issues with his manager.

He added: “I had a hard time with him for quite a while. I can remember the exact day when he was put in charge.

“His head just blew up. He just got to this point where it was just super disrespectful and he treated me like a dog. We got into it a few times and almost walked because of it.”

Disappointed by his employee’s experience, Mr Boersma looked to make things right with him and offered financial assistance for his family.

The chief executive explained: “One thing that you’ve always been passionate about is two wheels.

“I want you to fantasise about what you’re going to do with the $10,000 (£8,039.30) I’m going to give you.

“Either to do your own motorcycle repair shop, go to motorcycle mechanic school, something that feels you.”

Overwhelmed, the employee was in disbelief and burst into tears at his boss’ offer and asked the chief executive if “this was real?”.

However, Mr Boersma was not done and offered to give the man’s sister an additional $10,000 (£8,039.30)to help find her an apartment.

Episodes of Undercover Boss are available to stream on Undercover Boss – in the US. and Channel 4 .

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