‘Looks overdone and dated!’: ‘Biggest’ interior trends to avoid in kitchens

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When it comes to kitchen ideas the first thing to remember is that the kitchen should be a space you enjoy. When investing in a new kitchen, homeowners will want to love it for years to come. Make sure you spend enough time understanding your needs in this space, the kind of colours you’re happy to live with and the ergonomics that work for you. Adding interesting finishes, textures and colours play a major part in designing this all-important space. However, some palettes, materials and layouts can quickly fall out of fashion, leaving you with a space that becomes difficult to use or look dated. 

Here are several kitchen trends to avoid according to experts.

Completely open kitchens

Open plan kitchens might be one of the biggest kitchen trends of the 21st century, but the current trend for modern kitchens is to create defined zones to make it easy to work in.

Tom Howley, founder of a bespoke kitchen maker company explained: “When it comes to kitchen organisation, first, you should consider zoning the space instead of going with a free open plan layout.

“Kitchen zones can include cooking, prep, entertaining, dining, consumables and cleaning.

“Having designated areas will allow you to store and organise items efficiently.”

With more people than ever adopting a work-from-home lifestyle, this ability to have better defined spaces is particularly important. 

Broken-plan schemes that use room dividers, which keep the sense of openness of open concept kitchens but with physical, often-glass partitions, mean that areas can become private and, importantly, quiet when the need arises. 

Industrial style kitchens

Are industrial style kitchens still on trend? While they’re not as popular as they once were, they can still be done well. 

But, there’s a certain way to approach an industrial kitchen, and a certain way not to. 

Interior designer Andrea Rodman advised homeowners to avoid the industrial trend, despite it coming in “very strong a few years ago”.

She said: “It used plumbing pipes to hold up shelving and exposed filament light bulbs for sconces and pendants. 

“It was previously very trendy, but now looks overdone and dated.”

For those who are inspired by the industrial trend, focus on materials such as wood and metal with patina or opt for a cleaner industrial style like stainless steel. 

Avoid anything that’s a cliche of industrial style.

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Specialty appliances

Opting for the latest smart tech can be a great way to make it feel like a super modern kitchen.

However, a few years down the line, that cutting-edge small appliance might be the thing dating your design. 

Interior designer Tyson Ness of Studio Ness explained: “I think the biggest trend to avoid in kitchens is any sort of a built-in specialty appliance, such as toasters, fryers, even coffee makers.

“The technology in kitchen appliances changes so rapidly that in a couple of years these top-of-the-line appliances become obsolete or break, and can be expensive to swap out.

“Oftentimes they are specialty sizes, so even when you do replace it may not be a simple swap out – or there may not be a replacement available, leaving you with either a dated or broken appliance.”

High gloss cabinets

Every now and again, there might be a gloss kitchen that almost convinces you that this trend might be coming back around, however, it’s still one of the biggest kitchen trends to avoid according to designers.  

Andrea explained: “High gloss cabinets are a trend that has come and gone.

“They have a strong dated feel. Softer matt finishes take their place as the more desired look.”

Not only have matt finishes replaced gloss as the go-to choice, but unique textured finishes have become increasingly popular.

Oana Sandu, lead designer at Blakes London said: “Visible grain on timbers, especially on crown cut oak and ash veneers, brushed metals, honed, leathered or textured stone finishes & concrete are all being used more often as kitchen materials.”

Taking a chance on one of these new, textured finishes might be a gamble in terms of longevity, however. 

While the likes of fluted kitchen ideas are super popular right now, it’s uncertain what the future will hold for this design trend.

Crystal glamour 

Glamour isn’t the brief for every kitchen renovation, but for some, bringing a sense of luxuriousness to the kitchen is important. 

Once again, some finishes might feel like a shortcut to a luxe look, but there’s a way to infer glamor without relying on hackneyed design choices.  

Andrea noted: “Glam chandeliers and sparkly kitchen handles with crystal bling elements are definitely a trend I have seen come and go, for example.”

The trick to a modern luxe kitchen? Rely on materials that feel naturally luxurious. 

Rich woods and elegant marble or stone kitchen countertops will bring more of a sense of glamor than any glitzy material will, plus it won’t date as quickly.

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