Laura Ingraham reveals how progressives took over the Democratic Party

Biden not all he was cracked up to be: Ingraham

Laura Ingraham shows how Biden hasn’t been the ‘calming influence’ he was portrayed as during his campaign.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham gave insight on why Joe Biden got elected, and what the consequences were, Saturday on “Watters’ World.” 

LAURA INGRAHAM: I think when people elected Joe Biden, there was a lot going on, right? COVID, you know, they thought he was kind of a calming influence after BLM and all the tumult that the whole year of COVID brought us. And so they thought this Joe Biden guy…was going to be a calming force. Remember he talked about dignity, bringing dignity back to the process. 

And then what people found – and you and I were warning them about this – they found that Joe Biden was just too weak to ever stand up to the far-left. And then they went to town on everything from critical race theory to tax policy to climate change to cancel culture and beyond. 

And so, this was a reaction not just to the education issue, but to all of it because it’s a significant development. The White House knows it, Nancy Pelosi knows it, and that’s why they worked fast and furious to try to rush through everything they could before the midterms. 


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