KT McFarland: Trump pardon of Flynn ends unjust prosecution of an innocent man

KT McFarland celebrates Flynn pardon, decries lack of justice in case

Former deputy national security adviser reacts to President Trump’s announcement on ‘The Story’

The family of retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was finally able to have a well-deserved happy Thanksgiving after President Trump pardoned Flynn — an innocent man who has dedicated his life to serving our country.  

Trump’s pardon of his former national security adviser — who was my boss when I was deputy national security adviser — ends a four-year nightmare for the Flynn family. I hope Flynn will now be able to rebuild his life and reclaim his reputation.

Thankfully, the pardon will shield Flynn from further persecution by Trump-hating Democrats who may have wanted another go at him again in a Joe Biden administration.


The irony is that Flynn should not have needed pardoning at all, because he never should have been investigated or charged with any crime. Flynn didn’t break any laws. But he was forced to plead guilty to a crime he didn’t commit in order to save his son from being unjustly prosecuted and destroyed by the investigation conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.    

From the dozens of documents, transcripts and notes that have since been released, it is clear that Flynn never committed the initial crime he was accused of when he spoke with Sergey Kislyak, Russia’s ambassador to the U.S.

As Trump’s incoming national security adviser during the transition period between Trump’s election as president in 2016 and inauguration in January 2017, Flynn was following routine practice by making introductory phone calls to foreign officials he would soon be dealing with as a high-level federal official. It’s exactly what Biden transition officials are doing today.

Mueller’s investigators and officials at the FBI and Justice Department knew Flynn had done nothing wrong. Yet they pressed ahead with an unjustified investigation and prosecution of Flynn because they were determined to undermine Donald Trump even before he took office.  

When some of these same officials interviewed me it was clear they wanted me to do what they wanted Flynn to do. They wanted me to plead guilty to crimes I did not commit and to accuse others — including President Trump — of crimes they did not commit, in order to save myself from an unjustified prosecution.

Thankfully, I had one of the best lawyers in the country, Robert Giuffra, fighting in my corner. I also have a wonderful husband who quietly reminded me that my integrity was worth more to me than my career.


It’s important to understand that the persecution of Flynn, me and others was never about any of us.  It was always about getting to Trump and crippling his presidency.

The entire Russia investigation was a hoax — a fraud perpetrated by Trump-hating government officials and their all-too-eager enablers in the left-wing media. They destroyed lives, sabotaged a duly elected president, and dragged the nation through three years of division and acrimony. 

America is now in a place where half the country distrusts and even despises the other half —

in no small measure thanks to those who spread the baseless allegation that Trump and his campaign worked with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election.


One tragedy of the entire Russia investigation is that none of the people who perpetrated the Trump-Russia collusion hoax will ever be brought to justice. The nation is now entering the Biden honeymoon period, cheered on by the anti-Trump media and Washington power centers. No one thinks that U.S. Attorney John Durham’s investigation of the origins of the Russia probe will ever see the light of day after President Trump leaves office.

Indeed, some of the same officials who were behind the phony Steele dossier, Mueller investigation and Russia collusion delusion are now slated for senior positions in the Biden administration. They collected their 30 pieces of silver years ago and are now on the threshold of proudly coming back into power. But the divisions they have sown across the nation will not quickly disappear nor quietly fade away.


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