Kirstie Allsopp lambasts agent’s ‘foolish policy’ after buyer told they can’t view homes

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TV property expert Kirstie Allsopp said the estate agent’s “foolish policy” would “end in tears”. Kirstie tweeted the comment in response to a woman who claimed an estate agent wouldn’t let her view a property until hers was already sold or on the market. The woman also claimed one estate agents would only “allow viewings and offers” unless they sold their home with them.

The tweet from the user read: “So apparently estate agents won’t even let you view a property until yours is already sold/on the market?!

“One said they’d only allow viewing and offers if you sell your house with them.

”Kirstie re-tweeted the post and said: “This is a foolish policy which will end in tears.

”The property expert, who co-presents Location Location Location and Love It or List It with Phil Spencer, often shares her advice on Twitter.

The tweet was inundated with replies from Twitter users, with many claiming estate agents are doing what vendors ask of them.

One person said: “It’s because of the speed of the market.

“We sold in March and in rented, looking for next property.

“No chain, mortgage arranged, but even we are being out-bidded by people offering £20,000 over the asking price just to secure a property.

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“If you haven’t even sold yet you won’t get a look in!”

Another person replied: “Have you seen the market at the moment?

“It’s crazily busy, showing someone a property that hasn’t sold/or in a position to purchase, by the time they’re ready the house will have sold!

“We’re also coming out of a pandemic and clients don’t want too many visitors.

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“I might also add that given this immensely busy market, going out to viewings takes up a lot time and resources which small agents are not in abundance of.”

A third replied: “Why would it end in tears? If vendors ask estate agents to only show people around who can proceed that is up to them, it’s their home.

“Way too many people want to start viewing houses before they decide if they want to move or not.”

However, other users were more critical of the estate agent’s policy.

“I’ve had this twice recently with two different estate agents,” one person said.

“They wouldn’t do a viewing as our house wasn’t yet on the market. Crazy.”

Another said: “Disgraceful, house to sell applicants are future sellers.

“Our industry cannot survive without them.

“But sadly most estate agents are pretty awful, and customers never do enough due diligence to find the best ones to represent them.”

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