Kate Middleton’s £748k childhood home likely to ‘open as a museum’ when she becomes Queen

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The Duchess of Cambridge’s parents now live at Bucklebury Manor, a seven-bedroom home in Berkshire. However, they previously resided in their Berkshire family home which has significantly risen in value.

Carole and Michael Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge’s parents, bought West View in Cock Lane in Berkshire for £34,700 in 1979.

The property is now worth £748,000, meaning its value has risen around 2,000 percent.

The Duchess’s parents sold the family home in 1995 for £158,000.

But what is the former Middleton’s family home like?

The Victorian property is a four-bedroom home featuring classic countryside decor.

In addition to the four bedrooms, the house has three additional reception rooms and a large garden where Kate, Pippa and Matthew enjoyed outdoor activities while growing up.

The garden included sycamore, oak and apple trees as well as a green shed built by the Middletons.

The West View house has a view of the village green located in front of the property.

It is reported that the family made many improvements to the house.

These include converting one of the bedrooms into a bathroom and significantly extending the kitchen.

Kate Middleton and her siblings attended Bradfield Church of England primary school in Berkshire, located just next door to their house.

Dudley Singleton, the home’s estate agent who has known the Middleton family for 16 years explained: “Both Carol and Catherine get a peck on the cheek,” he said while talking to their relationship being “professionally friendly”.

“They’re not concerned with glitz,” he said.

“They were happy to live here for quite some time after Party Pieces became successful.”

Party Pieces is the family’s party decorations and supplies company.

Singleton added: “If Kate becomes queen, someone might even want to open it as a museum one day and charge people to see it.”

After living at West View for over 15 years, the family moved to Oak Acre, in Berkshire.

In 2012, Carole and Michael bought Bucklebury Manor where they currently live.

The couple purchased the seven-bedroom Georgian property for £4.7million reportedly seeking privacy after Kate joined the Royal Family.

The Duchess of Cambridge now lives with Prince William and their three children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis at Apartment 1A Kensington Palace.

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